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Ghostrunner 2 – How to Parry


High-speed chaos typified the first Ghostrunner game, and Ghostrunner 2 doubles the intensity. In Ghostrunner 2, the significance of parrying during combat is greater than in its predecessor, making it an intense and vicious platformer. But slicing blindly without knowing how to use the other capabilities of the sword can swiftly trap you in a never-ending cycle of death. You may learn how to parry in Ghostrunner 2 by reading this article:

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How to Parry Enemies

In Ghostrunner 2, you must press the L1/Right Mouse Button in response to an enemy assault to parry. The adversary will be killed in the ensuing counterattack. This is very helpful when facing adversaries with two swords and gunners. A well-executed parry will divert shots from your blade and strike the gunner instead.

Ghostrunner 2 - How to Parry

Getting the hang of this will take some practice because timing is everything. In addition to parkour, fighting is a major part of finishing each level in Ghostrunner 2. Sometimes, you must combine parkour skills with fighting maneuvers to survive in the harsh game environment. When facing up against foes, parrying is one of the most important combat maneuvers.

How to Upgrade Parry Skills

New improvements will be on sale via headquarters after each mission is finished. Although they can get pricey quickly, parry masters should keep an eye out for the following improvements.

Ghostrunner 2 - How to Parry

  • Blade Coating –  Stop bullets that might otherwise be unblockable
  • Smooth Moves –  Projectile deflection and flawless parries become “way easier.”
  • Smart Deflect –  Projectiles that are deflected automatically return to the sender.
  • Fear Stimulator – 35% of your energy is restored when you execute perfect parries; if your motherboard has no chips on either side of it, this percentage can increase to 50%.

They then need to be inserted into one of your motherboard slots in order to function, much like the other upgrades in the game.


How do you beat Mitra Ghostrunner 2?

Since patience is the key to winning this battle, it is advisable to begin by remaining motionless as much as possible. When you are close to Mitra, he is not threatening, and it is simple to parry and block his melee blows. You’ll only hit him in those situations.

Who is whisper in Ghostrunner?

By adding to Ghostrunner Wiki, you can make it better. The Architect is a figure in Ghostrunner who serves as both the last enemy and the main mentor for the Ghostrunner. Before his name is disclosed, he is referred to as “Whisper” initially.

How many hours is Ghostrunner 2?

Over the course of the game’s 10- to 12-hour campaign, you will come across a variety of stunning and visually striking locations inside and outside of Dharma City, encounter new enemy types on a regular basis, acquire new powers or abilities, and be thrust into arenas that offer you thrilling new ways to use your current powers.

Is Ghostrunner 2 hard?

Aside from its improved graphics, improved gameplay, and emphasis on narrative, Ghostrunner 2 has undergone a huge overhaul in the form of redesigned boss encounters. Ghostrunner has a reputation for being a difficult game.

Is Ghostrunner replayable?

Many people might assume that Ghostrunner 2, being a first-person action platformer, is a brief game given the type of game we’re talking about.