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Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames – How to Solve the Puzzles


Mindgames is by far the weirdest chapter in Ghostrunner 2. When Jack finally makes it to Mitra’s hiding place, he discovers that Mitra, Madhu, and Rahu are already there, waiting for him. You’ll encounter challenging puzzle rooms in Mindgames with purple and orange crystals that you must break in the right order. The problem is that if you don’t finish it quickly, you won’t advance. You may learn how to solve the puzzles in Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames by reading this article:

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In Phase 1:

The riddles you’ll encounter to advance in Mindgames are simple to understand: you have five seconds to finish each task while breaking the purple and orange crystals in the order the game assigns you. This implies that you have to work out a way to shatter every crystal. Thus, in the mission’s initial puzzle stage, you have to break two purple crystals, followed by an orange crystal, another purple crystal, and finally an orange crystal.

Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames - How to Solve the Puzzles

On the right side of the stage, the first two purple crystals are positioned near to one another. You can reach the higher platforms via an air vent. After breaking through the walkable wall and breaking the first one, break the second one.

Proceed ahead, bear left, and then stop; you will come upon an orange crystal that you need to shatter. Beside the orange crystal you just destroyed is the next purple crystal. All that’s left is to break a crystal, which is located on a platform that you have to go to using the grappling gun.

In Phase 2:

Once you get over a few easy platforming stages, you’ll reach the second phase of purple and orange crystals. This time you have to shatter one orange, then two purple, then an orange, and finally a purple. Go to the purple crystal closest to the holograms first. You will begin with that one. Arrange yourself to smash the purple crystal, then dash over to the orange one that’s closest to it.

Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames - How to Solve the Puzzles

Once those two have been broken, go on your hands and knees and smash the two purple crystals by the stage entrance. Use the dash to cut down on time because they are far apart. Subsequently, sprint through the walkable wall to reach the final orange crystal.

In Stage 3:

Now for the third puzzle level. For this one, you have to break one orange crystal first, then three purple ones, and finally, remove the orange crystal that’s left. As you can see, the stage comprises the upper platforms with an orange and a purple crystal. Next are the middle platforms, which have two platforms with purple crystals and one empty platform that are rotating quickly.

Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames - How to Solve the Puzzles

Finally, there is an orange crystal on the pillar in the center. Starting from the orange crystal on the higher platforms is required. Approach it and bide your time until one of the two platforms bearing a purple gemstone passes by. After shattering the orange crystal, leap to the platform. Break the purple crystal at the very last moment.

After that, you had to hop to the air vent located to the platform’s right. The second purple crystal can be reached in this way. Break it at the last possible moment. You should then be able to see how the last purple crystal approaches; leap to shatter it, then jump to the pillar to break the last orange crystal.

In Stage 4:

This is the final phase you will experience. You’ll have to teleport yourself through the stage to finish this one because it incorporates portals. You have to break two purple crystals, one orange crystal, and the final two purple crystals to accomplish it.

Ghostrunner 2 Mindgames - How to Solve the Puzzles

As you can see, two portals are on either side of the room when you enter this stage. Three revolving platforms with two purple crystal-filled ones and an empty third one are located next to them. With a purple crystal, you have to begin on one of the two top platforms. Which one matters is irrelevant. Once you’re on one of those platforms, keep going until you get to the doorway on the room’s left side.

Break the crystal at that precise moment, enter the portal, and sprint to retrieve the second purple crystal. It won’t be that far off. Drop yourself after that, and you’ll locate the orange crystal. To break the last crystal, break it again, then descend down to break the purple crystal in the center. Meanwhile, please wait for the air vent in one of the lower revolving platforms to reach it.


How long to beat Ghostrunner 2?

It will take about 12 hours to finish the Ghostrunner 2 tale, give or take.

Is Ghostrunner 2 worth it?

Ghostrunner 2 is nearly impenetrable, every bit as brutal as its predecessor. Due of this, the game is challenging, frustrating, and involves a lot of trial and error. However, it also features intense action, top-notch voice acting, and a catchy music.

What changed in Ghostrunner 2?

The redesigned hub area in Ghostrunner 2 is arguably the biggest tweak to the gameplay. The main character Jack will stop at a type of temporary headquarters in between missions, where the player can engage with amiable NPCs and explore a setting that appears to be risk-free and hostile-free.

Where does Ghostrunner 2 take place?

Explore a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic future set following the downfall of the Keymaster, a despot who oversaw Dharma Tower, humanity’s last stand. Jack has returned to battle the aggressive AI cult gathered around Dharma Tower and to determine the course of human history.