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Wild Hearts – How to Use Karakuri Staff


With the help of mutations, the Wild Hearts staff, also known as the Karakuri Staff in total, may transform into five distinct forms for various strikes. One of the more inventive weapons that Wild Hearts introduces to the monster-hunting subgenre has got to be the Karakuri Staff. Even though it quickly changes forms and intensifies into the Juggernaut Blade, a potent assault, it’s surprisingly easy to utilize. You will learn how to use Karakuri staff in Wild Hearts by reading this article:

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Karakuri Staff Overview

The Karakuri Staff is the most cunning weapon in Wild Hearts, with all eight playable weapons having different special gimmicks. The weapon is rather easy, but learning the attacks of five distinct weapons may seem difficult and requires a lot of input timing when players see others use it.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Karakuri Staff

It is advisable to consider the Karakuri Staff as a single weapon that transforms into five distinct forms during a combination rather than considering it as five separate weapons. The primary gameplay loop of the weapon is this rotation, which is unlocked when players master the Weapon Shift feature. This allows players to accumulate a bar toward employing the entire unleashed Juggernaut Blade combo.

In light of this, the Karakuri Staff is a weapon that, while not nearly as straightforward as the Maul, rewards players for accurate input timing. Players won’t be able to build up much of their Juggernaut Blade meter by arbitrarily rotating between the weapon lineup and spamming the Attack 1 input. Instead, they should employ the Special Attack Weapon Shift instead.

How to Use the Karakuri Staff

The primary ability of the Wild Hearts Karakuri Staff is mutation, which allows it to change into four various forms by pressing the corresponding button. You won’t need to learn four distinct weapons, though, as each of these is somewhat similar in how it works; they’re just different types of melee strikes that switch through different combos.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Karakuri Staff

If you do it correctly, players can chain those forms’ combinations together without pausing, which will allow you to fill your Mutation gauge and unleash a deadly Juggernaut blow. From what we’ve seen, it’s among the best Wild Hearts weapons available because to its strong stats, ease of use, and tremendous damage output.

Which Archetypes Are Drawn To The Karakuri Staff & Why?

What justifies choosing the Karakuri Staff above the alternatives, though? Is it worthwhile to wait until Chapter 1’s conclusion? That is dependent upon each player specifically. However, the majority of players who are drawn to the Karakuri Staff are these kinds of players:

  • Those who enjoy opulent, eye-catching weapons.
  • Hunters who find appeal in a weapon that all types of hunters can use.
  • Is anyone enthralled with Wild Hearts the moment they saw the Juggernaut Blade in one of the previews?
  • Those who enjoy possibilities that are both long- and short-term.
  • Gamers who would rather have options for nearly every situation.

Wild Hearts - How to Use Karakuri Staff

This concludes the Karakuri Staff guide. It’s a very straightforward weapon that looks much more sophisticated than it is. Though it’s not for everyone, for those who are unsure about this weapon or perhaps use a little more persuasion:

  • The Karakuri Staff is among the most visually striking weapons in the game since the player character uses it to hit enemies and move around a lot before using the ridiculously large Juggernaut Blade.
  • It’s a fantastic blend of agility, powerful attacks, and unusual patterns.
  • The Karakuri Staff makes the various weapon upgrade pathways significantly more visually appealing because it modifies the appearance of all five weapons, including the Juggernaut Blade.


How do you unlock staff Wild Hearts?

One of the trickiest weapons in Wild Hearts, the Karakuri Staff necessitates a thorough knowledge of every form’s attack patterns to use well. The Karakuri Staff may only be used after finishing the first chapter and fighting the Earthbreaker, in contrast to other weapons.

What is the staff in Wild Hearts?

One of the more inventive weapons that Wild Hearts introduces to the monster-hunting subgenre has got to be the Karakuri Staff. Unlike any other weapon in the game, this one can change into four distinct weapons, with the fifth being utilized as a kind of “ultimate attack.”

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.

What is the best early game armor in Wild Hearts?

Because to its strong attributes, the Young Samurai Armor Set is a great early-game set. A player can choose between the Kemono-path and the Human-path using it. For individuals who enjoy using human technology to strengthen their defenses, the Human-path is the best option.

Can you tame in Wild Hearts?

In Wild Heart, you can tame creatures by first capturing them (you may do this by just approaching the creature until the “catch” option appears) and then putting them in a Karakuri Wildlife Cage.