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Here is How You Can Find All 85 Pencils in Roblox | Secret Revealed


We will start with zero pencil and find all the pencils in roblox find the pencils. We will start from the easiest pencil to the rarest and most legendary pencils, so let’s start it. Crystal pencil direct is at the end of this article don’t forget to read that specifically.

The very first pencil is up on the blocks the pink pencil just jump and get it from there.

To get the second pencil you will have to climb up the giant mountain and there you will find the legendary pencil.

Byte Pencil is easily available under the table in the building.

Brick pencil is on the top of the house on the roof in the red bricks.

Sad pencil is hidden in the corner of one house.

Bobox pencil can be found in the tree which will be close to a man standing there. Jump the head of the man and stand on the board and get your pencil from the tree.

Where you will find the bobox pencil see on the right side you will find the white pencil on the roof of a house.

Green pencil is also hidden nearby on top of a tree, after you get white pencil jump from tree to tree you will find gree pencil.

From the spawn go to a house and you will find there a white gate which will teleport you to a roof and there you will find the happy pencil.

Escalbur pencil can also be easily found near a garden in the spawn.

Noob pencil is on the top of a small cliff, in order to get it click the green click option near a pillar then it will freeze time and you can jump on the pillars and get your noob pencil it is a rare pencil.

Swag pencil is laying on beach so you can find it easily.

Ruler pencil is under the sea near the volcano there is wide and water pencil too in the sea.

Lava pencil is most exciting to get you need to swim and go to volcano there you will find a little cave you need to enter in there. First get the villager pencil from a nearby hut of the cave. Now go to the cave again and do not jump or you will fall in the lava and die. You would need plant that you can find near the shore of the sea. First get it and then use it in the lava cave.

Where to Find Gingerbread Pencil?

To get gingerbread pencil You need to go to top snow mountain and take choco key in snowman hand after that go to behind castle. There you will see a hole you would need to go to there and go to ginger house there you will find gingerbread pencil.

In order to get gradient pencil you need to first have mushroom pencils if you have that now teleport to main spawn and go in the mashroom building there you will find your gradient pencil

Castle on the door you would find the pink pencil.

Roblox Find The Pencils Crystal Pencil

Head towards desert area, walk as much as fast you can and head towards a cave and find the door, after you have found the door lets enter in there and close the door. Then pick up the key this is the key will open the door for you where you can find your crystal pencil.

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