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GTA V Online: After Hours DLC– Here is Everything to Know About It

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GTA V Online: After Hours DLC– Here is Everything to Know About It

Rockstar released GTA V online back in the year of 2013. This game has been a hit among its fans for a very long time. Last month the fans got a teaser from the developers that mentioned about the game hitting the club. This month the game will receive it as an update, namely After Hours. The last DLC brought back the fast-talker of GTA IV, Gay Tony. In this DLC players will be able to build a new nightclub in his partnership. The nightclub will also serve the purpose of a criminal front for the characters.


The trailer and the description of this update are below:

GTA V Online: After Hours

Los Santos is a city of many secrets, lights and long nights. GTA V Online: After Hours will intensify the already crime promoting air of the city. The DLC will allow the players to team-up with the top-notch character of Tony Prince to run a big nightclub. Moreover, the nightclub will also feature the impressive DJ performances of The Black Madonna, Tale Of Us and Solomun. The nightclub will only be a front to conduct the businesses of San Andreas most notorious criminals. Furthermore, this will allow the players to build a criminal network of their own in the city.

How the Nightclub will Work:

Of course, there is no business better than a nightclub to cover the criminal activities of a person. The players will have to recruit partners in order to build the nightclub. After the completion of the establishment players will have to help the DJs to deliver their best ever shows in the club. The players will have to run all kinds of operations of the club. This will include managing the staff, setup, design and staff promotions. The club will allow the players to fill the wall safe. Obviously, the increase in the popularity of the club will increase the filling of the safe.

GTA V Online: After Hours – Release Date

This amazing DLC will hit GTA V Online on 24th of July.

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