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How to Solve the Find Flames in Fortnite


For many years, the popular video game Fortnite has been lauded for its captivating missions and love of riddles. It does this by presenting players with challenging puzzles that put their skills to the test. Find the Flames Pass is a riddle introduced in the most recent patch, and solving it presents players with a task that requires them to open a vault. However, in the absence of the appropriate aid, the resolution of this intricate issue can turn out to be pretty challenging. Find The Flames Pass is a puzzle that can be found in Fortnite, and this post will teach you how to solve it. So let’s get started:

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How to Solve the Find Flames in Fortnite

To begin unraveling the mysteries of the Find The Flames Puzzle in Fortnite, you will first require an Epic or Legendary weapon to present to the door. You can proceed with the puzzle once you have one of these weapons. Get close to the door, then hit the appropriate key to interact with it (E on PC, Square on PS, or X on Xbox). As soon as the door opens, you will be welcomed by five torches, each of which can have its flame snuffed out or rekindled by interacting with it. Your mission is to work out the correct combination for the safe’s door so that you may access the valuables inside.

How to Solve the Find Flames in Fortnite

To determine the code, ride the zipline to the upper level, where you will find a second group of five torches. Here, you will find the combination. Take great note of the condition of each torch, noting whether it is lighted or out, and then meticulously recreate the same arrangement using the torches located downstairs. As soon as you correctly repeat the pattern, the door will open, and you will see two statues behind it.

How to Solve the Find Flames in Fortnite

Now comes the difficult portion of the process. If you interact with one of the statues, you will be teleported through a Rift; conversely, if you engage with the other, the door will open. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell which statue is right before you even start moving them around. If you find yourself rifted, descend and engage in conversation with the appropriate statue to continue.

What do you get if you solve it

A magnificent gift awaits you once you have successfully completed the Find The Flames Puzzle and opened the Vault. Inside, you will find a treasure trove that is comprised of three Legendary Chests. These chests are filled to the brim with precious loot and unique equipment. You will also have the opportunity to uncover two Normal Chests and eight tiny Ammo Boxes, which will provide you with more resources to assist you on your trip across Fortnite.

How to Solve the Find Flames in Fortnite


How do I match the flames in Fortnite?

After you have interacted with the hidden door, you will be given the instruction to “Find the Flames.” Proceed to the hidden entrance. This makes perfect sense when considered with the progression of flames you saw on the level below. Repeat the sequence of events you’ve seen play out by putting out some of the flames surrounding the secret entrance.

What is the flaming number in Fortnite?

Once you reach a certain level, level 400, you will begin to notice visible flames burning around your in-game level in matches. This, in a nutshell, indicates that your Fortnite level is now on fire.

What is the fire button in Fortnite?

The player can look at a target, and the game will automatically fire the selected weapon at that target. Auto Fire does not fire with the following weapon types. For the following, you must utilize the buttons labeled “Fire” and “Pickaxe”: Melee Weapons.

How many digits is a Fortnite code?

After clicking the Confirm button, a code of 12 or 25 characters is created. You will need to input this code onto the website of the third party you chose (either Sony or Microsoft). You will also receive this code in an email.

Where are the 3 flaming hoops in Fortnite?

If you put in the effort, you could be able to finish this Fortnite challenge in just one match if you’re successful. It would not be difficult for you to drop at the frozen lake, travel to the mountain fort outside of Fatal Fields, and finally make your way all the way to the east to the pirate fort near Paradise Palms in order to take care of all three locations.