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Hades: God Mode Explained


Hades Even while activating God Mode can simplify things, what if you want to earn all of the achievements in this hack-and-slash dungeon crawler? If you try to leave Hades’s underworld, you’ll die and have to start over. God Mode can be activated at any time, and while it may seem like the perfect answer to all of your issues, it really eliminates all difficulty from the game.

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What is Hades God Mode?

In Hades God Mode, you’ll have a little more luck each time you try to get out. It increases your protection from damage by 20%, making you more durable against assaults. Every time you die in a dungeon, it rises by 2%. Players can relax about the complexity of the dungeon trek thanks to the damage resistance cap being set at 80%, 30 deaths.

Hades: God Mode Explained

What God Mode Does

Unlike the invincibility tricks of yore on the PlayStation 2, God Mode has several subtleties. God Mode will extend your life expectancy significantly, but you still won’t be invincible. Just because you turn on God Mode doesn’t imply you’ll have it easy from there on out.

Zagreus’s defenses are improved by 20% whenever God Mode is active. That’s a solid foundation to build on, and Zagreus will get an additional 2% damage resistance after each run that results in death. If you use God Mode and die enough times, your damage resistance will cap out at 80%.

Hades: God Mode Explained

This buff is called Deus Ex Machina, and you probably don’t need an explanation on why. If you can stay playing past each death, this heavenly intervention will make it much simpler for Zagreus to rise from the Underworld. By the time you’ve gathered 80% damage resistance, you’ll likely be more than proficient enough to take down the last few bosses in the game.

How To Activate God Mode

The process of activating God Mode is straightforward, but the game is vague about what that mode does. Please refer to the section below for more details.

Hades: God Mode Explained

Here are the steps you need to do to activate God Mode.

  • To begin, click the Pause button.
  • Navigate to the Preferences menu.
  • In the screen’s lower half, there will be a toggle for God Mode.
  • Be sure to activate God Mode before leaving the menu.

Hades: God Mode Explained

You can toggle God Mode on and off at any time, making it considerably easier to defeat the game’s more difficult bosses and monsters. If you’re feeling down and ready to quit up, try playing the game again—this time in God Mode—and you could be pleasantly surprised by how much more fun it is.


How hard is Hades to play?

Professional gamers report spending at least 85 hours on a single attempt at Hades’s maximum difficulty. No one has yet beaten the hardest version of the popular roguelike Hades, and one expert estimates that doing so could take as long as 85 hours.

How much easier is God Mode Hades?

When God Mode is activated, the player receives a 20% damage reduction bonus that increases by 2% with each death. Your damage taken will be reduced by an increasing percentage after each death, up to a maximum of 80% after 30 deaths.

Is it OK to use God Mode in Hades?

This mode can be toggled on and off at will from the settings menu. When God Mode is off, the player will no longer have increased resistance to damage, but any percentage increases will be saved until God Mode is activated again. No unlocks or content restrictions will be placed on users that use God Mode.

Why is Hades seen as bad?

Fear has a major role in unfavorable representations of Hades. The prospect of punishment in the next life is a major source of anxiety for many people. Since Hades is in charge of this dimension of reality, this irrational dread extends to Hades himself. In a twist of fate, Thanatos, not Hades, is the god of the afterlife.