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How to Get the True Ending in Hades


It seemed unusual that the full edition of Hades hadn’t been made available until very recently, considering that the early access version of the game had already been released with a massive amount of material. The game’s full version has only recently become accessible to players. Plenty of content in the game kept you engaged for countless hours, including a vast selection of weaponry, personalization options, and unlocks, as well as just about anything else you could desire from a highly polished rogue-like video game. The game also had a high level of polish, which made it feel more like a traditional video game. The only exception that could be considered truly significant was a suitable ending. This article will guide you through the actions required to get the true end in Hades, including the following:

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How to Get the True Ending in Hades

Considering the objective of this guide as a whole, it ought to go without saying, but there will be complete spoilers for the conclusion of Hades coming up in the following section. We shall reveal the complete nature of the last boss and everything else connected to the plot beyond it.

Defeat Hades:

Even before the final release, Zagreus’ father, Hades, was established as the last boss. You must take the fight down to Hell and defeat the devil there. However, as is customary in roguelike games, completing the game once and defeating the final boss is only the beginning. Before the game’s official release, finishing off Hades was your final objective. Zagreus would be murdered regardless of the outcome, forcing him to start his ascent from the depths of the House of Hades again.

How to Get the True Ending in Hades

That’s no longer the case; instead of being sent back to square one, you’ll find yourself in Greece. Greece isn’t a new level; you won’t find any enemies or quests there, though you can go fishing if you’d like. Persephone, the mother of Zagreus, is this NPC. You’ll get a glimpse of her past with Hades and the other Gods of Olympus through their conversations, but Zagreus won’t stay in the world of the living long enough to hear the whole thing.

Defeat Hades…Again And Again:

You will be returned to the beginning, as you always are, and forced to try again to break free, only this time, you will be better prepared for what lies on the surface. If you want the real ending, you’ll have to talk to Persephone ten times (including the first one) until you’ve exhausted Zagreus’ dialogue options with her. That’s the same as 9 additional times of bringing down Hades.

Fortunately, a streak of consecutive wins isn’t required. The story will gradually unfold throughout Greece as you explore the country, much like the backstories of other NPCs. After the tenth try, you won’t have to face Hades again. He’ll let you go on by so you may have one last conversation with Persephone.

How to Get the True Ending in Hades

Talk to her to find out that she is eager to return to Hades, and then sit back and take in the breathtaking scenery as the credits roll over the two of them on Charon’s ferry down the Styx. When you return to the ground level, you should visit with her and Hades to continue the conversation.

Post Game:

You will still have enough to do in Hades following this ending if you get the genuine end because it unlocks a couple more new things. If you finish one more run, Persephone will hand you a new Keepsake to level up called the Pom Blossom, and Extreme Measures 4 will become available for purchase once you’ve reached that milestone. However, the odds are that you still have many more things to do in Hades.

How to Get the True Ending in Hades


How many endings are in Hades?

The ultimate adversary in Hades is named Hades himself. The main objective of the game is to vanquish Hades and have an emotional closing scene with your mother, Persephone, in which both of you share your thoughts. Now, in order to reach the genuine ultimate ending of the game, you will need to beat Hades an additional nine times.

How many clears does it take to get Hades ending?

To roll credits, you need to have ten clears. After that, there is a second ending/epilogue that you can only access if your relationship with all of the characters is at a high enough level.

How many deaths is normal in Hades?

You may pass away more than thirty times before you reach the final boss. Do not become disheartened if you are defeated by the game’s first miniboss or first boss; this is to be expected and is quite normal. After each round, you’ll emerge more powerful.

Is there more to Hades after beating Hades?

The true beginning of Hades does not begin until you have conquered it. You are often encouraged to play through the game an infinite number of times if you are playing a roguelike. Hades is not an exception to this rule. When you have defeated the game’s last boss (well, for the first time), a new gameplay mechanic will become available, and the game will undergo significant transformation.

What is the last level of Hades?

After overcoming the dangers of Elysium, Zagreus will face the challenges of the Temple, which is the fourth and last biome he must traverse to emerge victorious from the Underworld. This biome has a unique layout compared to the previous three biomes in the game. It consists of five wings, each of which contains a series of small rooms; however, the rewards are only available in the final chamber of each wing.