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Have a Nice Death – How to Get True Ending


It doesn’t take long to complete Have a Nice Death, especially once players are accustomed to the monsters’ attack styles. These days, it’s not unusual for video games to feature numerous endings since the developers are eager to deliver as much lore as they can to players prepared to try to uncover it all. Gearbox’s 2D action roguelike game Have a Nice Death is no different, and getting to the True Ending is no easy feat. This post will outline the steps to a happy ending and a dignified death:

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How to Get a True Ending

You should aim to spend roughly six hours playing Have a Nice Death through to the finish. However, there is a secret True Ending in the game that needs to be discovered to access the other endings. It’s not for the weak of heart, though, since in addition to requiring two complete playthroughs, you’ll also need to locate three collectables to battle the game’s actual boss.

Have a Nice Death - How to Get True Ending

If lore matters to you, the effort is well worth the effort. The two additional Departments—including the Inevitable Time Department, where you’ll have to battle Time—will become accessible after completing your second playthrough. After it’s finished, a cutscene will emerge and you’ll hear employees discussing three randomly placed lockers that have arrived in the office.

How to Unlock All Three Quantum Rift Lockers

It’s not the genuine ending, even if it could have seemed like it in the previous cutscene. Talking to different Death Inc. employees will cause gamers to hear conversations regarding odd lockers and Time’s activities. Three lockers will appear during the upcoming run. Players will find it extremely difficult to overlook these lockers because of their peculiar visual impact. These lockers are situated in the following locations.

  • Shop (Requires 1 Prismium to unlock)
  • Breakroom (Requires 3 Golden Anima to unlock)
  • In the hallway just before fighting any Thanager (department doesn’t matter, no currency needed to unlock)

Have a Nice Death - How to Get True Ending

One of the three components that make up a medallion is present in every locker. It is not possible to equip or use this medallion as a weapon. Players only need to gather them; they need nothing else to do with them. Defeat Time once more after gathering all three parts. If all the medallion pieces have been located by the players, the discourse will change significantly.

The game’s original conclusion will play, but it will alter when the medallion comes together and the real enemy is exposed. The cutscene will end, and gamers will find themselves in a different location. Proceed to battle the game’s actual last boss. You should be ready for combat because this boss is quite difficult.


Does Have a Nice Death have an ending?

Have a Nice Death has a few different endings, and this is how players can get the one that is thought to be the real conclusion.

Is Have a Nice Death difficult?

Have A Nice Death is not an exception to the rule that rougelites are almost always hard, but the game is not without their challenges. If you choose the “Self-Fulfillment” difficulty option, the game becomes a considerably more relaxed and forgiving tour through the bureaucracy of the afterlife.

How do you use Anima in Have a Nice Death?

Blue Anima can heal any gray area of the health bar. Ordinary Anima is unable to restore any missing portion of the health bar. Golden Anima’s Pure Heal will be needed for this. An effect known as a Pure Heal can repair injuries, bring back the greatest amount of lost health, and restore overall health.

What is the control room in Have a Nice Death?

You can use Prismium and Soulary to enhance your scythe, cloak weapons, and spells in the control room. Prismium is extremely rare, and with it, you can modify your scythe or obtain instant improvements for the aforementioned weapons.

How many worlds have a nice death?

Have A Nice Death’s full release includes eight landscapes created by the game’s algorithm, more than 70 weapons, and a wide range of personalities to interact with.