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How to Group Lights in Alexa


Savvy home controls are one of the points of support for Amazon Alexa, and by gathering brilliant lights, clients can radically improve on how they deal with their tricky home. Today’s voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, can perform numerous tasks. One of the most useful hints for those who use smart light bulbs and Alexa is how to group lights. For instance, if a person has multiple lights in their kitchen, they can ask Alexa to turn them all on and off simultaneously. You will learn how to group lights in Alexa in this article. Therefore, let’s begin:

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How to Group Lights in Alexa

1. Start the Alexa app on your iOS device, an iPhone or an iPad.

2. Tap the Devices label, which can be found in the screen’s bottom right corner.

How to Group Lights in Alexa

3. To add a new item, select the plus sign in the screen’s upper right corner.

4. Select the “Add Group” option at the bottom of the screen to add a new group.

How to Group Lights in Alexa

5. You can give your lights a group name or add one and put it in the Custom Name field.

6. To continue, click the Next button at the screen’s bottom.

How to Group Lights in Alexa

7. Establish the parameters of the group by deciding which lights (and/or smart plugs) should be included in the new grouping of lights.

8. Tap Save.

How to Group Lights in Alexa

Presently your new light gathering will be accessible as a tile straightforwardly from the Gadgets tab of the Alexa application, and you can request that Alexa “turn on the parlor” or anything that you choose to name your new gathering.


How do I group shades in Alexa?

Click “Find Gadgets.” After the Alexa Application finds every one of the gadgets, click in “Gadgets” on the lower part of the Alexa Application. All of the preconfigured scenes in your R-TEC Automation® App will now appear here when you click the “Scenes” tab. Choose the “Shades” device that belongs in that group. Name the gathering.

How do you make Alexa rainbow?

To set a Rainbow clock, say, “Set a 5-minute Rainbow clock with [device name].” Any color-changing smart light that is connected to Alexa is compatible with rainbow timers. The light goes through a rainbow of colors as the timer starts. Note: Rainbow clocks just work with clocks that are no less than 2 minutes in length.

How do I make my Alexa light disco?

When you say, “Start a dance party,” Echo Glow will dynamically change color while your Echo device plays music. You can change the music while the Dance Party is in the works. When you say “Stop” to halt the music, the light changes to a single color.

What if Alexa is purple?

Purple. What it entails: After you make any request, the light briefly turns purple when the Do Not Disturb feature is activated. During starting gadget arrangement, purple shows assuming there are Wi-Fi issues.

Why is my Alexa yellow?

To show that, the yellow ring will turn on. If you have set a reminder but have missed the audio notification, it will also light up. This yellow light can be set off by other activities. However, the primary meaning of this phrase is, in general, that Alexa has something new to inform you of.