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Have a Nice Death – How to Beat Brad


In Have a Nice Death, players must be aware of numerous risks when making a run. The first significant obstacle you’ll encounter in Have a Nice Death is Brad, the game’s first Thanager boss fight, aside from a few minibosses. In order to have any chance of defeating Sorrows, players must have their wits about them and understand their assault patterns. Sorrows are formidable opponents. You will learn how to defeat Brad and enjoy a pleasant death from this article:

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How to Beat Brad

Brad is a brutal employer who hits hard. You will probably suffer too much harm to ignore if you get in his way. There’s not much room for error, so to keep from getting caught by the pleasant people, you have to know exactly when to back down, when to attack, and how to evade his strikes. Brad usually assaults in short bursts. He’ll finish off a blow and unleash two or three in rapid order.

Have a Nice Death - How to Beat Brad

Twice he will claw forward, pushing himself toward you, and then he will fly up to change course, slamming down one last time, diagonally toward you. It’s simple to get a couple hits in and to rush through his second claw with this combo. Then wait for him to crash into you so you can sidestep and deliver further slashes. To maximize your damage during these brief periods, weave between attacks using your scythe, cloak, and magic.

Just run to either side or straight over Brad’s head for his swooping aerial strike. If this is where you’re feeling especially bold, use upward strikes. Occasionally, Brad may begin to scatter stones around the battlefield. You just need to stay motionless in the center and keep an eye on them to be able to sidestep danger.

Have a Nice Death - How to Beat Brad

He’ll cover most of those holes when the final set shows up, so you’ll need to utilize a dash iframe to dodge to the far left or right of the arena to save side. Considering those pointers, you ought to have no trouble taking on Brad. When it comes right down to it, it’s just a simple dance, but with your low maximum health at this point and Brad’s heavy damage hits, even the smallest mistake could lose you another run. Just be composed, and patient, and avoid taking any unwarranted chances.

Weapons and Curses to Use Against Brad

Spells and weapons with a long range are highly helpful because they allow you to damage Brad with greater ease while yet avoiding being damaged. Curses can also make Brad a simpler boss battle because the weapons and spells that players can use this early in a run are random.

Have a Nice Death - How to Beat Brad

Usually, red curses let players deal extra damage. Blue Curses have the ability to lessen damage taken, increase maximum health, and occasionally offer beneficial effects like a recurring Pure Heal.

Best scythes for Brad

Use the Sickles for short bursts or the Diss Scythe for a more distant approach while using scythes.

Best cloaks (X weapons) for Brad

You’ll be able to employ the common Cloaks Murray of Crows, Firebow, and Kaze-kunai in the majority of your efforts at Brad. Since they are all ranged weapons, they should be able to damage him more easily while avoiding direct contact.

Have a Nice Death - How to Beat Brad

The Shake Spear’s greater melee reach makes it useful in a hurry. Just stay away from sluggish weapons like as the Behammorth unless you know you can hit at the conclusion of Brad’s combination. The stun is quite beneficial.

Spells (Pitbook weapons) for Brad

The spell that has the best chance of defeating Brad is Fire Arrow. It’s a frequent find that requires little mana. However, Myriad of Stars, Star Raving Mad, or Troublecross, if you chance to have one, will do the trick. All you’re searching for, once more, are ranged hits.

Shockwave can be as effective when using a quick melee weapon. At the conclusion of Brad’s combo, tap it several times to possibly stun him into submission, allowing you plenty of opportunity to slash with your Scythe.


How do you use Anima in Have a Nice Death?

Any gray area of the health bar can be healed by Blue Anima. Ordinary Anima is unable to restore any missing portion of the health bar. Golden Anima’s Pure Heal will be needed for this. An effect known as a Pure Heal can repair injuries, bring back the greatest amount of lost health, and restore overall health.

What does prismium do have a nice death?

At the moment, it appears that the ingots—which are needed to unlock new food and weapons—are the only permanent money. Prismium can be invested into the shop or utilized as a substitute for soulary, according to its description.

What is the control room in Have a Nice Death?

You can use Prismium and Soulary to enhance your scythe, cloak weapons, and spells in the control room. Prismium is extremely rare, and with it, you can modify your scythe or obtain instant improvements for the aforementioned weapons.

How many worlds have a nice death?

Have A Nice Death’s full release includes eight landscapes created by the game’s algorithm, more than 70 weapons, and a wide range of personalities to interact with.