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Types of night sights


Curiosity is at the core of human nature. We have always reached for the unknown, trying to learn more and more new horizons. It is this craving that guides us throughout history, and it is it that allowed our species to reach the level of development at which we are. Curiosity has become our hallmark and has become a guarantee that we will tirelessly improve our lives’ quality and continue to reach new horizons.

The collective craving for everything new and unexplored grows out of the personal curiosity of each individual person. It just so happened that each of us seeks to explore the world in our own way. In childhood, we all set up experiments that were clear and logical for us, but sometimes incomprehensible to those around us. Someone tried to insert a plug into an outlet, someone tasted completely inedible things, and someone in practice checked whether it was possible to go down from the third floor using an umbrella. As we age, our obsession has morphed into more balanced and intelligent actions. But, she has not gone anywhere and continues to make our life intriguing and interesting.

You’ve probably noticed that as soon as you buy or receive a new thing as a gift, you immediately begin to study it closely and carefully. You consider all of its possibilities and plan how you will use it for obvious purposes. This is true for everything from your phone to a new gun.

And then comes the most interesting phase. When all the possibilities have already been explored and clear, you begin to immerse yourself in the new possibilities of devices. And, no matter what you have in your hands, you will still try to expand its functionality. If this is a game console, then you re-read dozens of articles and re-watch hundreds of videos to learn about new games and how to get the most out of it. If we are talking about a new phone, then you will know about it even before it falls into your hands. Well, if we are talking about something significant, on which your life and safety may depend, for example, on a weapon, then very soon you will become a real expert in using it in all possible cases.This


It’s no secret that your gun is completely useless without you. But, we often forget that its effectiveness drops sharply if you cannot see where to direct it, for example, at night or in bad weather conditions. We guarantee that this problem will begin to worry you very soon and you will try to solve it using available technologies. The modern market will offer you hundreds of options for equipping with devices that make you see in the dark. And reliable manufacturers such as AGM Global Vision will make excellent offers in price and quality.

After all, the first thing that comes to mind is night vision devices or thermal imagers. This is a great choice, especially if you are a military man or a hunter.

But what if you need to adapt the pistol for use in poor visibility conditions? Of course, you can attach a night vision scope to it, which will be bulky and make it difficult to carry it in a holster stealthily. The same will happen when installing the thermal imager. What remains is the laser designator, which is a great idea if you’re not afraid to be unmasked.

The smartest and most convenient option is tritium sights, which will solve most problems and allow you to see the direction of the shot clearly.


The fact is that usually pistols, and any other weapon, comes with factory marks on the sight. These are often white points that are quite visible and stand out during the day but become invisible as soon as the light falls. The result is that if you try to use a weapon in the dark, you will only guess the direction of the barrel based on your suspicions.

For this, the tritium application scheme was developed by the engineers. It is a by-product of nuclear fusion, which is widely used in various areas of our lives. With the help of this substance, inscriptions, clock dials, well, and sights of pistols and rifles are illuminated.

There are many myths and manipulative claims about tritium. But, often, they are not true. The most common myth is that this element is life-threatening. There is some truth in this statement. If you decide to eat a lot of it, then you will definitely go to the hospital. But, when used as a sight marker, it is almost impossible to harm your health. In direct contact with tritium, it can be hazardous at a distance of 6 mm. As you can see, no problems in the operation of things with this element will arise if you follow elementary and logical warnings and safety standards. Also, tritium is very unstable, and after 10-12 years, it ceases to glow as a result of its inevitable half-life.

Moreover, the tritium itself is incapable of glowing. In fact, it simply acts as a catalyst, stimulating phosphorus molecules to glow. The glow is produced both day and night. With the size of sights equipped with tritium marks, the weapon does not lose its original ergonomics and remains comfortable.


Despite the existing alternatives, tritium sights remain the most comfortable and long-lasting. This is a great choice for everyday use, especially if your job involves the constant use of weapons and your safety depends on it.

Nevertheless, even though the market provides endless opportunities for selecting the device you need directly, we advise you to pay attention to proven and reliable manufacturers. And, for sure, companies of the AGM Global Vision level are your best choice, which not only will not disappoint but will not fail in the most difficult situation.


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