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Here is a A New Look: Disney Minnie Mouse Pantsuit


Minnie Mouse will be having a pantsuit in a century long time period instead of old pair of tailored slacks. The world’s most famous female mouse will soon be changing into a smart blue pantsuit, swapping out of her traditional red polka dot dress while keeping her iconic bow. The new look was designed by Stella McCartney to celebrate 30 years of Disneyland’s Paris resort.

Despite the change taking place just a temporary one, Minnie will finally be appearing in Disney’s Paris entertainment resort from March 2022, where she will be wearing it in time for Women’s History Month. “This new take on her signature polka dots makes Minnie Mouse a symbol of progress for a new generation,” McCartney said.

How Minnie Mouse Suits Up in a Controversial and Fabulous New Look

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, Disneyland Paris announced via their Twitter account that Minnie Mouse is receiving a temporary wardrobe makeover in honor of the park’s 30th anniversary. Designed by British fashion designer Stella McCartney, Minnie’s new look consists of a navy blue pantsuit adorned with black polka-dots and bows on the pockets.

The outfit is accessorized with a matching head bow and a pair of simple black pumps. Set to debut in March for International Women’s Month, the suit is one among a myriad of new looks created for Disneyland Paris characters. Some of these new outfits include a dapper shiny blue suit for Mickey Mouse, a pink holographic dress for Minnie and a shimmery pink and yellow frock for Daisy Duck.

Stella McCartney has already collaborated with The Beatles and is now her new partnership sees the fashion designer create a new look for the iconic Minnie Mouse. This pant-suit for Minnie Mouse which will debut as part of the designer’s collection for autumn/winter 2022 at Paris Fashion Week this March is ethically sourced, organic, and sustainable..

This outfit change has sparked controversy as some see the introduction of a tuxedo as an unnecessary deviation from Minnie’s classic red polka-dotted dress. Others have praised Disney for its progressive effort to celebrate International Women’s Month. The changes, which include swapping out M&M’s feminine gogo boots for sneakers, are reminiscent of Mars’ recent M&M redesign in which the candy company swap ed out the green M&M’s feminine gogo boots for sneakers. Many fans have deemed these changes necessary, leading to backlash for both Mars and Disney.