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Why does one need an eyelash serum?


Raise your hand if you want your lashes to be fuller and flutterier. Raise your hand if you want to do it sans falsies or eyelash extensions, that would be magical, wouldn’t it? Turns out, there is a way to get long and attractive lashes for real. Lash growth serums are the answer. If you want to have long, dark, and full lashes, you can try these products which are very popular nowadays.

What are eyelash serums?

If you are attempting to grow your eyelashes longer, you may aid the natural process by investing in an excellent eyelash serum which is able to reduce breakage and shedding. Lash conditioners can help strengthen lashes, keep them from breaking, or inflate them somewhat to make them appear thicker.

Eyelash growth serums are fantastic since they ensure that the luscious lashes you desire are your own and do not vanish when you remove your makeup at the end of the night.

Although they take a while to work – about four weeks for the first effects – but the eventual outcome of full, natural lashes is well worth the wait. Visit this website, if you are interested in learning more about different brands of eyelash serums and their advantages and disadvantages.

Are eyelash serums really worth it?

If you are a cynic like me, you are probably wondering if these beautiful tiny tubes that promise Bambi-like lashes are actually worth the hype. I can just answer that with one word: Yes!

According to dermatologists, hormonal imbalances caused by heredity, aging, and menopause frequently result in thinning of the hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Besides these factors, rough handling of the eyelashes, such as scrubbing vigorously while removing mascara, can lead to the loss of eyelashes over time. This is where lash growth serums come to the rescue the lashes. Eyelash serums, which are packed with moisturizing and growth-stimulating elements like vitamins and peptides, help your lashes grow in volume, length, and general health over time.

What are the benefits of lash growth serums?

Eyelash growth serums moisturize and condition your lashes while also stimulating the growth of the lash hair follicle by maintaining it in the anagen (growth) phase. Furthermore, lash serums contain peptides which is able to work especially on the epidermal cells of the lashes to improve foundation and volume.

It is worth noting, however, that not all eyelash serums are made equally. Most over-the-counter lash growth serums work by conditioning the lashes, making them appear more moisturized and volumized. But they may not be able to contribute to actual growth. Please note that if you are looking for a growth-inducing serum, you need to check the ingredient list for bimatoprost, isopropyl cloprostenate, or another prostaglandin analog—a category of fatty acid chemicals that extends the phase of hair growth.

Certain OTC lash serums also contain biotin, a B vitamin that helps eyelashes grow longer and thicker while also stimulating the formation of new lash follicles.

When will you be able to see the results?

Because eyelashes need time to grow, it normally takes around eight weeks of consistent use for lashes to appear notably longer, thicker, and darker. You can typically get away with using the serum four evenings per week rather than every night once you are in ‘maintenance’ mode. Consistency, on the other hand, is very crucial.

Is it safe to use eyelash serums on everyone?

The short answer is no, not for everyone. Those with sensitive skin should be super careful with using lash serums.

Despite the fact that they are applied to the lashes, they have the potential to irritate the skin around the lash line. Furthermore, utilizing prostaglandin or its derivatives can be detrimental if you have a history of high eye pressure in an eye exam, as it can result in acute blindness.

Even if you do not have any of the problems listed above, some lash serums can irritate your eyes. If you experience itching, burning, or redness, stop using it right once.  Also, according to the dermatologist, “prostaglandin analogs can induce darkening (hyperpigmentation) of the eyelid skin as well as darkening of the eye (iris) color, especially in those with hazel or green eyes. While the issue of eyelid pigmentation normally goes away once the serum is stopped, the skin specialist warns that deepening of the eye color may not.

Furthermore, always apply the serum on clean, dry lashes. Finally, be careful where you use the serum because undesirable hair growth on the face may arise.