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Hi-Fi Rush – How to Beat Kale


It can be difficult to defeat Kale in the Hi-Fi Rush. But once you figure out his pattern, you can easily defeat Kale. It all boils down to your combinations, special strikes, and the timing of each element to the beat. One last confrontation between you and Vandelay’s chief executive officer. Kale is the final person standing in the way of shutting down SPECTRA in Hi-Fi Rush. He is hard to predict and hard to keep track of because of his wide variety of assaults. You can learn how to defeat kale in HiFi Rush by reading this article:

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In Stage One:

The boss Kale comprises three phases. The first phase is essentially repeated in two more difficult iterations. The greatest thing to do in any period is to try to keep Kale in the air as much as possible. Creating this will make defeating Kale easier because he cannot attack you while he is in the air. You can hold him in the air for a considerable amount of time with some great combos.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Kale

For instance, you may perform a Compress Slam attack after using an Arpeggio Attack to launch Kale into the air to begin the combo. But you should call forth Peppermint to execute a Switch Kick assault when the beat hits. Kale will be sent into the air once more as she completes her move, and you can continue chaining your attacks in this manner.

In Stage Two:

In the second step, you have to bide your time and be patient. When there is an obvious opening, you should employ your partners. For instance, you should utilize Korsica when Kale uses fire to rip off his arm. It’s Macaron’s moment to break his armored arms when they’re vulnerable. Finally, you should use peppermint to destroy the shield when he removes it.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Kale

In Stage Three:

As you may think, the last stage is the most difficult. During this stage, Kale launches more assaults more frequently, and avoiding his electric attack is considerably harder. It will be more convenient to parry these electric attacks in light of this. The secret, like it was in the earlier stages, is to paralyze Kale by holding him in midair.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Beat Kale

But be careful—he will be far more aggressive than before, and his attack options will increase. To mimic his electric assault, Kale, for instance, will stand in the corner and shoot six circular flames around himself. Following this move, he will attack you with three long sword swipes that you can parry or jump over.


What is the hardest boss in Hi-Fi Rush?

Kale is a lot stronger than the other primary bosses and has a good diversity of attacks. He is hard to predict and hard to keep track of because of his wide variety of assaults.

How to beat zanzo Hi-Fi Rush?

After his shield is breached, he can do damage and launch a charge attack that must be avoided. After he is defeated, additional adversaries seem to enjoy him, as do drones that Peppermint must be used to parry. When players have vanquished every adversary, they can advance.

What rank is best in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, every battle encounter assigns a letter grade to your skill level, which goes all the way up to the coveted S-Rank. Every stage in the game has the potential to be S-Ranked, providing players with an engaging challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of all game difficulties.

Is Kale dead in Hi-Fi Rush?

Now that Kale is dead, you can find out more about the story if you go back through the game after the credits and find all the hidden SPECTRA doors. When Chai enters the last entryway a “Reinforcement SPECTRA Convention” kicks in, and it’s uncovered that the SPECTRA man-made intelligence is a reinforcement of, in all honesty, Kale himself.

Who is the red hair girl in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, Korsica is both one of the main antagonists and later one of the protagonists. She is Vandelay Technologies’ head of security and the youngest of the game’s six main bosses.