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Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges


Hogwarts Legacy’s large globe layout and seemingly endless supply of challenges make it feel like a true sandbox. Combat, quests, exploration, field guide pages, and the Room of Requirement are the five types of tests that can be taken. The Exploration section can be used as a jumping off point or additional resource. Six different challenges may be found in the Exploration Challenges section, all of which urge players to explore Hogwarts and the nearby Scottish Highlands. All of the Hogwarts Legacy exploration challenges are outlined here.

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Pop Balloons

Exploring the beautiful Scottish Highlands on a broom or mount is a blast, but popping balloons is the most exciting challenge of all. Each bundle represents five popped balloons toward the overall goal.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

It’s a lot of fun to try to pop all five balloons in a single run, and if that’s not incentive enough, the rewards you may earn by completing this task are more than sufficient. The Pop Balloons challenge features four tiers, each of which rewards players with a broom that is among the game’s most visually appealing.

Hogwarts Secrets

Hogwarts is rumored to be home to a plethora of secrets and riddles, but only three of them count toward the Solve Hogwarts Secrets challenge. The first two mysteries are located at the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge and inside the Clock Tower, and they are among of the best puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

Players will need to complete The Polyjuice Plot quest if they want to unravel the last secret and gain access to one of the game’s most guarded areas. While completing this task is entertaining in and of itself, players also gain access to two of the game’s best outfits: Professor Black’s Tailored Tailcoat and the Fashionable Dress Robes, the latter of which a certain Ronald Weasley will be forced to wear to the Yule Ball in the far future.

Astronomy Table Challenge

Astronomy tables are available early in the game, however stargazing requires the player to complete Astronomy class and receive a telescope from Ravenclaw partner Amit Thakkar. If it is still sunlight, they will have to wait until nighttime, which can be arranged in the map menu.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

When it gets dark enough and they get their telescopes set up, gamers may be pleasantly surprised to discover that astronomy is one of the most enjoyable activities available to them. Players must adjust their telescope’s focus and field of view to locate a specific constellation among the stars. Players can earn pieces of the Starry-Eyed Seer’s clothing set by locating and completing Astronomy tables.

Ancient Magic Challenge

The main character’s unique ability to use ancient magic is essential to the plot. Traces of Ancient Magic can be found strewn over the world, which players can collect to fill their Ancient Magic meters and use to unleash more powerful Ancient Magic Finishers on their foes.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

Twenty of these centers of Ancient Magic have been discovered, and they are almost always situated in abandoned structures. To collect all the traces of Ancient Magic, players must explore the ruins and solve a variety of mini-puzzles, many of which involve platforming. This is a great Hogwarts Legacy Exploration Challenge because every site is different.

Complete Merlin Trial Challenge

Completing all of the Merlin Trials is the most time-consuming and hardest of the Exploration Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy. This is because there are 95 of them spread out around the gaming world. While solving these puzzles can be entertaining at first, and the requirement of several spells adds a fair dose of diversity, they quickly become tedious due to their repetition.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

As players progress through the Complete Merlin Trials challenge, they’ll unlock greater inventory space, allowing them to hold more items before having to make a trip to a dealer to unload undesired items. However, the Merlin Trials cannot be initiated until after players have placed some Mallowsweet Leaves, so they should always be loaded up before setting out on their journeys. Grow your own or get them from vendors if you need additional Mallowsweet Leaves.

Landing Platform Challenge

After seeing a Landing Platform for the first time, gamers may feel a little let down to learn that they can only land on it. However, as players explore more of the breathtaking terrain, they will find that it becomes progressively difficult to spot these platforms, making the challenge more interesting, especially on the vast Poidsear Coast.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Exploration Challenges

A broom or one of the other magical mounts in Hogwarts Legacy is the easiest way to reach any of the game’s twenty Landing Platforms. This may not be the most exciting Exploration Challenge, but it does reward players for engaging in unprompted exploration and has them earn pieces of a Quidditch captain’s uniform. Players flying through previously visited places may worry if a certain Landing Platform has already been unlocked when they spot it. The good news is that any finished Landing Platforms will have four flames to light the way.


What is the big controversy with Hogwarts Legacy?

No third option exists. Sirona Ryan, a trans non-playable character, is included in the game; however, the use of “Sir” and the fact that “Ryan” can be either a feminine or masculine name have caused some controversy.

What is the hardest quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

San Bakar’s Trial, in which players attempt to tame a huge Graphorn, colloquially known as the Lord of the Shore, is the most difficult of the Keeper Trials in Hogwarts Legacy.

Why do people dislike Hogwarts Legacy?

J.K. Rowling’s transphobic comments made before and after the introduction of Hogwarts Legacy are largely to blame for the uproar it has caused.

Who is the hardest boss in Hogwarts Legacy?

Ranrok. It should come as no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy’s final boss is also its most difficult and formidable. It is extremely challenging to block the dragon’s strikes, thus players should instead focus on avoiding.