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Dead Island 2: Message in a Bottle Walkthrough


The Dead Island 2 Message in a Bottle assignment needs you to tour Santa Monica to find clues on the fate of a furious food reviewer. You’ll need a guide to complete the quest. Most Dead Island 2 tasks require finding something or someone in a specified location. These may be simple at times, but you will need to use clues throughout the game to find your target. This Dead Island 2 message-in-a-bottle walkthrough will help you finish:

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What is  Message in a Bottle in Dead Island 2?

Message in a Bottle is an unlocked side mission after you finish the Boardwalking Dead quest from the main plot. A cuisine reviewer has thrown himself into the ocean with a message in a bottle. But the zombies bit him, and now he’s one of them.

Dead Island 2: Message in a Bottle Walkthrough

Your objective is to track out the Food Critic Zombie and rescue the Journal Review, Hotdg Shak: Twelvteen Strs. If you complete this quest, you will earn 3000 experience points and the Caustic Blight Skill Card. Therefore, although it requires some grinding to complete, this side mission is worthwhile.

Message in a Bottle Quest walkthrough in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2’s Message in a Bottle mission can be picked up on Santa Monica’s beach. However, the Blood Drive can’t be claimed until after the Boardwalking Dead main quest’s specific objective has been completed.

The mission has three primary parts, each requiring you to locate a journal entry written by the irate reviewer that reveals clues to his last resting place. Here is a detailed guide to completing the Message in a Bottle side task in Dead Island 2:

  • Your first stop should be at the Bucket O’ Fish restaurant at the end of the pier, as seen on the map up top. Keep your eyes peeled for traps, and you should be fine.

Dead Island 2: Message in a Bottle Walkthrough

  • The Review: Bucket O’ Fish: One Star diary may be found atop a box in the basement of the building, all the way in the back, near to the valve.
  • If you open the journal, you can figure out where he’ll be standing on the pier when he returns.

Dead Island 2: Message in a Bottle Walkthrough

  • Follow the arrow on the map above to the Pier Grill, then look around the area near the downed helicopter. A table in the corner holds the journal Review: Pier Grill: Two Stars, which reveals the critic’s ultimate resting place.
  • Once you have the second diary, peruse it for information on where the critic might go next.
  • It will tell you to go to the hot dog stand in the upper left corner of the map.

Dead Island 2: Message in a Bottle Walkthrough

  • The A.R. Oliver zombie and a horde of others may be found in the parking lot adjacent to the shack.
  • To complete the task, you must eliminate all zombies and retrieve the Revew; Hotdg Shak: Twelvteen Strs diary from A.R. Oliver’s body.

After completing the Message in a Bottle task in Dead Island 2, you will receive 3000 XP and whatever items you can steal from the zombies in the parking lot.


What is Yeet in Dead Island 2?

This time, she wants you to toss as many zombies as you can over the side of the Pier. A part of the fence around the northern end of the Pier has been damaged. Bring the zombies here using the Meatbait Curveball, and then kick them to send them flying.

Why was Dead Island 2 cancelled?

While the developers at Deep Silver and Yager had high hopes for the game’s theme and playability, they argue the engine, Unreal Engine 4, ultimately killed the project. The issue was that Dead Island 2 was an open-world game, and Unreal Engine 4 was not open-world game engine at the time.

Can you save Amanda in Dead Island 2?

Amanda’s voicemail asked you to meet her on Hollywood Boulevard for one “final” video shoot. Get to the “bleachers” outside the Deth Rawk Bar and Grill quickly if you don’t want her to end up as zombie chow.

Why is Sam B in Dead Island 2?

Because of his mission to rescue Emma from her Bel-Air mansion before the virus spreads, he travels to Hell-A and is ultimately responsible for the slayers’ discovery that they are resistant to the virus.