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Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide


If you want to make it through the highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, you’d better become used to using your spells in real-world combat situations. Most of the battles you’ll engage in will be against unique foes, and you’ll be free to employ any combination of spells you like to wipe them out. One of the most fascinating activities at Hogwarts Legacy is wizard dueling, and the Crossed Wands dueling club is the best place to learn the ropes. Learn more about the history of the Hogwarts dueling club by reading this article!

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Where is the Crossed Wand Dueling Club in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Crossed Wand Dueling Club is located in the South Wing of Hogwarts Castle, near the Clock Tower Courtyard. The yellow circle in the top left corner of the map image shows the location of the Crossed Wand Dueling Club. To get around quickly, use the Floo Flame if this is your first visit to the area. Take note of where this NPC is located, as this area can be difficult to navigate.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide

Professor Hecat gives you a task early on in the game to learn dodge roll and practice Incendio in the wild. You can achieve this by going to Lucan Brattleby and engaging in various mock battles against other pupils. Lucan will inquire as to whether or not you’re interested in joining the Crossed Wand Dueling Club so you can compete in duels against other Hogwarts students.

The Crossed Wand Tournament can be discussed with Lucan once you reach the Clock Tower Courtyard. He explains that there are three elimination rounds before a champion is crowned with the Crossed Wand. You’ll join forces with either Natsai Onai or Sebastian Sallow and battle other classmates.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide

Lucan has you practice spell synergy against dummy targets in order to get you ready for the Spell Combination Practices tasks. The power of the spell is enhanced when both are used together. This is a great way to get some practice in before a real fight.

How to Win at Duelling Club in Hogwarts Legacy

Dodging and blocking, shattering shields, and using spells are the three pillars upon which the success of a duelist in Hogwarts Legacy rests.

Dodging, Blocking, and Countering

There are two methods to stay safe. You can roll out of harm’s way by using the dodge button, or you can cast Protego, a protective spell that creates a sphere around you that blocks all incoming damage. Protego only works for a split second and you can’t roll out of its way. You’ll be open to taking additional damage if you misjudge the timing.

Although avoiding is simpler than timing your casting of Protego, the counterattack it provides is well worth the extra effort required. A yellow ring will appear next to your head when your opponent is going to strike.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide

You will be warned of the impending attack. If you quickly cast Protego, you can block the attack and then use Stupefy to knock your opponent off the card, giving you a chance to blast them with damage.

However, if your enemies are all striking at various moments, timing your use of Protego can be difficult. So, you’ll need to switch between dodge rolling and Protego to escape the most damage depending on the amount of opponents and their skills.

However, if you are the target of an enemy spell, you should be prepared to respond appropriately. If you are hit by Levioso and thrown into the air, for instance, you will see a button prompt instructing you to break free so that you can escape more damage.

Breaking Shields

In wizard duels, your opponent may use Protego as a shield spell. They won’t be as interested in evading as you are, so they’ll likely cast it more often.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide

It can be quite dangerous if you don’t know how to break shields, as wizards can still use other spells while casting Protego. Fortunately, shields may be easily broken simply matching their color to one of your spells in the same category.

Casting Spells

Basic attack spells and assignable ability spells that require recharging after use are the two methods to hurt your opponents. It’s advised to utilize various sorts of spells in addition to having a variety of spells equipped in order to breach shields in order to increase your alternatives swiftly.

Again using Levioso as an example, this levitating spell lifts your opponent into the air and exposes them to more damage via a series of basic follow-up hits.

Hogwarts Legacy: Dueling Club Guide

It’s best to combine assigned spells with unique effects and bonus damage to suit your playstyle. Utilizing Accio to draw your opponent closer, then striking with the mid-range fire spell Incendio for guaranteed damage from the close range, is one such combo to bear in mind.

Additionally, you can be given the option to toss environment objects at your adversary by pressing R1 (RB on Xbox or Z on PC). For instance, during the opening Crossed Wands rounds, you will have numerous opportunities to use your desire to throw barrels at the opposing students to do additional damage and knock them back.


Is there a dueling club in Hogwarts Legacy?

You’ll meet Sebastian Sallow in this lesson. After engaging in a duel there, he will inform you about a “unsanctioned” dueling club you can join and advise you to speak with Lucan Brattleby near the Clock Tower Entrance in the South Wing of Hogwarts if you are interested.

How do you beat the dueling club in Hogwarts Legacy?

Understanding Protego and Stupefy is essential to succeeding in these battles. This counterattack serves as both a spell of protection. You should use Protego when a yellow circle comes over your head, then Stupefy. From here, you can choose between using one of your standard attacks or a new spell you’ve learned.

Why is dueling so hard in Hogwarts Legacy?

Stick to those rapid blasts of damage and you should be fine. The challenge comes from the adversaries spraying attacks at you as you try to defend yourself. However, it is useful training for the real world. Fighting hordes of goblins or dark wizards without all of your talents unlocked is dangerous, as it should be.