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Hogwarts Legacy – Ghost of Our Love Walkthrough


The sheer volume of spells, potions, riddles, and quests in Hogwarts Legacy makes it difficult not to become lost in the expansive universe. You might not be able to figure out where the Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our Love side-quest is leading you. It displays only a few floating candles, a blazing wand, and an unremarkable bridge. The following article will describe the Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of our love walkthrough:

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Ghost of Our Love Map Location

The Ghost of Our Love map can be found in Gryffindor, and it will initiate the quest during The Hunt for the Missing Pages, the sole task in the Hogwarts Legacy main quest list that is Gryffindor-specific. You can still discover it in the same location if you’re in a different house; it’s just not part of the Gryffindor mission. Whatever way you locate it, it’s adjacent to a tomb in Hogsmeade, above a grave marked ‘Map with Floating Candles’.

Hogwarts Legacy - Ghost of Our Love Walkthrough

By picking it up, you’ll begin the quest and receive a map of Hogwarts Legacy that includes this bridge, an archway, and some trees.

Hogwarts Legacy - Ghost of Our Love Walkthrough

That’s not much to go on, as you can see from the numerous trees and bridges scattered around the area. The Forbidden Forest is the precise location you must visit; use this quick travel route at the major south entrance:

Hogwarts Legacy - Ghost of Our Love Walkthrough

The map should show you a bridge and the crumbling arch as soon as you arrive. You can find another letter by going to the bridge. To proceed, it must be nighttime at this stage, or at least twilight or sunset.

Hogwarts Legacy - Ghost of Our Love Walkthrough

Open the map and choose the option to adjust the time of day if it isn’t. After that, perform the Hogwarts Legacy spell Lumos in the location where the letter was found, and magical candles will start to appear.


Where is the Ghost of Our Love Bridge in Hogwarts Legacy?

Fortunately, we’ve located the bridge you require, which is located adjacent to the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame, just north of the Hogwarts school grounds. Approach this bridge, then cross it with Lumos. You should hear a jingle and see what looks like floating candles. They will begin to move, and you will have to go with them.

Can you go to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, only Hufflepuff students are allowed to enter Azkaban. As the jail can only be reached through Hufflepuff’s House-exclusive mission, players must join Hufflepuff at the beginning of their playing in order to enter Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy.

How do you follow the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy?

To locate the butterflies, take the Floo to the Forbidden Forest fast travel point and proceed north from there. Approaching will cause the swarming group, which is red, orange, and purple, to start moving. Track the butterflies as they ascend the trail and descend to the brook.

Where is headless Nick in Hogwarts Legacy?

Nearly Headless Nick is located near the House Point Hourglasses, just outside the Great Hall. Nick tells you that he is aware of the missing pages in the book you uncovered.

How many butterfly chests are in Hogwarts Legacy?

Many players may remember this pastime from Hogwarts Legacy’s Follow The Butterflies side quest, which included tracking magical butterflies leading to a Collection Chest reward. There are 15 butterfly chests known to be collected in Hogwarts Legacy.