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Forspoken – Gigas Boss Fight Guide


Forspoken is an intriguing world full of magic and creatures. It has had a rough beginning, but despite this, it still boasts boss fights full of obstacles that you may enjoy trying to overcome as you explore and learn more about the realm. There is one well-hidden abomination in each area of Forspoken; there are no references or hints that indicate the abominations’ existence. Battles with the abominations get increasingly harder as you move through each location. Gigas Boss Fight Guide will be explained to you in straightforward language in this article:

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Where to Find Gigas

The world in which this game takes place, Athia, has been devastated by a magical plague, and we get to witness its aftereffects in all of the various regions and biomes that comprise the open area.

One of the four abominations that serve as the game’s greatest obstacle, Gigas, can be found in the Praenost Region’s desert region. Out of the four abominations, this one is the easiest to locate because it isn’t too far from the main route.

Forspoken - Gigas Boss Fight Guide

Just take a quick detour to the Mount Garrison Refuge. From there, go southwest until the Gigas icon appears on the map. If not, keep going southwest and go up and around the hill until you reach The Rock Beds, which is where Gigas is located.

Gigas Moveset

Like with the others involving abominations, the key to this encounter is to stay as mobile as possible to increase your chances of avoiding the assaults, which might come at you quickly. In the end, though, there aren’t many moves in Gigas for you to learn.

You have plenty of time to avoid his jumping slam assault, denoted by a red cross. He can do this move multiple times in a row later in the fight, so wait until he’s finished before approaching him to initiate an attack. There’s a traditional charge strike that, with enough care, is rather easy to avoid.

Forspoken - Gigas Boss Fight Guide

The fireball he launches at Frey while it is tracking is one strike that is extremely hard to avoid, even when flow is enabled. You want to take advantage of your surroundings during this attack by simply hiding behind one of the many rocks to deflect the blows.

His final major attack is a large AOE in which he absorbs debris all around him, causing a huge explosion. The best course of action in this situation is just to flee Gigas and wait for the AOE to end before returning to the battle.

Rewards for Defeating Gigas

You will be able to access a new set of nails called Fatale once you defeat Gigas. Depending on how many spells you have learned, these nails will simplify taking down opponents. In addition, all spell damage will increase by 2%.

Forspoken - Gigas Boss Fight Guide

Gigas is probably going to be the first abomination you face and vanquish, but it has a wealth of experience that will help you deal with subsequent challenges.


Who is the final boss in Forspoken?

Susurrus, the last boss in Forspoken, is thought to be an old demon that the Rheddig called forth.

Who is the second boss in Forspoken?

The second Tanta you encounter in Forspoken is Tanta Prav. As the Tanta of Justice, she was once a judge and juror who kept Athia peaceful. Like the other Tantas, she has since become corrupted and has a personality that is divided between the old, peaceful person and a new, violent one.

What is the longest chapter in Forspoken?

Forspoken’s title chapter is the longest by far—it even doubles some of the longest chapters you’ve finished. Frey is sent to the Visorian realm after shattering Tanta Olas’ delusional reality.

Is Cuff evil in Forspoken?

The magical, sentient bracelet known as Cuff aids Frey in navigating the vast terrain of Athia; however, it is eventually discovered that Cuff is actually the weakened, imprisoned form of the demon Susurrus. He begins Asspoken as the deuteragonist and ends as the real major antagonist.

What is the best skill tree in Forspoken?

Arguably the greatest skill tree all around, the Green Magic skill tree is a fantastic combination of Attack and Support magic. With its mind-bending support moves and lock-on projectiles for attack, Green Magic is a formidable mid-to-long range weapon that may help Frey escape difficult circumstances.