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Hogwarts Legacy Sequels May Investigate Other Important Wizarding Colleges


Fans of Harry Potter now have the opportunity to explore a fully realised version of Hogwarts to their heart’s content thanks to the release of Hogwarts Legacy. It’s possible that this will be the closest that fans will ever get to actually attending Hogwarts, but I highly doubt this will be the last time we see something like this. Because Hogwarts Legacy was such a commercial and critical success, it is almost certain that this will result in the creation of other stories that take place within The Wizarding World. Avalanche Software has the opportunity to accomplish something extremely distinct with this series, despite the fact that there is a significant possibility that future installments will continue to take place within the constraints of Hogwarts.

In the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts is not the only wizarding school, but the franchise has not really provided viewers with a good look at any of the other schools save Hogwarts. There have been a few passing references to students attending other schools, and participants from a few of those institutions took part in the Triwizard Tournament. Aside from that, the other colleges have played a comparatively minor role throughout the narrative. All of this may change, though, if Avalanche was ready to take a risk by bringing Hogwarts Legacy to brand-new locations all over the world and possibly expanding this franchise in whole new ways.

Hogwarts and the areas immediately surrounding it play a significant role in the events of the Harry Potter series. It recounts Harry’s adventure from the beginning of his first year at Hogwarts to the climactic confrontation he has in his seventh year against Voldemort. This enchanted voyage is what attracted readers to the series in the first place, and ever since then, a lot of fans have been pining away for the opportunity to really go to Hogwarts. With the release of Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Software has at long last realized that dream.

Hogwarts Legacy Sequels May Investigate Other Important Wizarding Colleges

The popularity of Hogwarts Legacy will most likely result in the development of other installments in the series. Players have been given the opportunity to live out their dreams of attending the eponymous school. Even though Avalanche Software could keep investigating Hogwarts, it’s possible that the idea could become tired after some time has passed. Within the confines of the school, the studio can only tell a limited number of different stories, and it can only expand into a certain number of new sections. Every game will, to a large extent, include open worlds that are identical to one another, and the experience of playing one game after another might not feel all that different.

The debut of the Triwizard tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire provided spectators with a glimpse into the larger Wizarding World that had been established up to that point. During that academic year, students from two other wizarding institutions in Europe—the Durmstrang Institute and the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic—joined Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry pupils. The story was stretched beyond its Hogwarts-centric narrative with the help of the inclusion of these schools, and it was broadened even more with the advent of the Fantastic Beasts series, which explored places other than the United Kingdom. Despite the fact that viewers have seen glimpses into other regions of the world, the focus of the series has primarily been on Hogwarts.

A school other than Hogwarts has not been introduced to the fans of The Wizarding World yet, but Avalanche Software may be able to change that. Each installment of the Hogwarts Legacy series might take place at a different school, as an alternative to having it take place at Hogwarts. The series could even take a trip to Africa’s wizarding school in Uagadou Legacy. Players could explore the United States wizarding school in Ilvermorny Legacy, they could take a trip to one of the Triwizard tournament schools in Durmstrang Legacy or Beauxbatons Legacy, or they could take a trip to one of the Triwizard tournament schools in Beauxbatons Legacy. Each game has the potential to finally present these academies in all of their splendour, which has the potential to significantly contribute to the expansion of this brand.