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Honkai: Star Rail – Asta Build


When employing the optimal build, Asta is largely considered the best Fire character in Honkai Star Rail. Free four-star characters are plentiful as you make your way through the plot, and with some careful planning and synergistic team members, you should have no trouble clearing late-game material like Forgotten Halls. Find out how to construct a honkai star rail with asta in this post.

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Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail

Asta, as a support character, needs to prioritize activating her buffs so that the rest of the team can benefit from them. As a result of her primary ability, however, she can serve admirably as a secondary damage unit.

  • Core Stat Priorities: CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%, Speed
  • Planar Ornament Stat Priorities: Fire DMG, Energy Regen
  • Relic Sets: Thief of Shooting Meteor (4PC), Kingdom of Banditry (2PC)
  • Light Cones: The Battle Isn’t Over (5-star), Memories of the Past (4-star), Meditation (3-Star)

Astoundingly high damage is dealt by Asta’s Meteor Storm ability. It is set to select targets from the field of hostiles randomly. If there is only one foe left, however, all of the skill’s attacks will be focused on that one individual. Asta’s damage-focused numbers and Light Cones explain her impressive ability to rip through Toughness bars.

Honkai: Star Rail - Asta Build

Every time Asta hits a different adversary, the entire party receives one stack of Charging, courtesy of Asta’s Talent, Astrometry. Up to five times each stack, the damage of affected characters is increased. Before Asta even takes her next turn, three stacks will have already expired. This works well with her ultimate, Astral Blessing, which grants a beneficial increase to Speed to all team members.

This character, despite being classed as a support unit, is all about attacking. Meteor Storm’s damage is substantial, and she gains significant utility from Astral Blessing’s ability to increase the number of Meteor Storms she can cast in a given amount of time. Asta’s ability to quickly deplete her opponents’ Toughness bars is proportional to the number of times she attacks.

Best Light Cones

Light Cones of Harmony can only be used on Asta since the special ability will only activate if the path matches the one that the character is currently traveling. Keeping this in mind, the following are the Light Cones that are ideal for Asta in Honkai: Rail of the Stars

But The Battle Isn’t Over This is Bronya’s signature Light Cone, and arguably the best Harmony Light Cone in the game. It increases your Energy Regeneration Rate and the DMG dealt by the ally who takes a turn after you use the Skill.

Moreover, you can also get one free Skill Point every two times you use your Ultimate. All of this is great for Asta, and with the SPD boost from her Ultimate, she can trigger these effects even more.

Planetary Rendezvous Asta has a special ability that increases all Fire DMG dealt by her allies, which incentivizes you to put her with other Fire characters. With this Light Cone, you can get even more value out of such a team, though it’s quite niche.
Memories Of The Past As mentioned above, Break Effect is likely the best stat you can get on Asta. This weapon gives you up to 56 percent Break Effect at Superimposition five and regenerates eight Energy every time you attack.
Dance! Dance! Dance! Asta already increases all allies’ SPD whenever she uses her Ultimate, which allows them to have a turn earlier than usual. This weapon buffs that effect by advancing their actions forward by another 16 percent at Superimposition one.
Meshing Cogs For beginners in the game, you can use the three-star Meshing Cogs Light Cone on her as it helps her get the Ultimate quicker by regenerating some Energy every time you attack or take a hit.

However, this can only trigger once every turn, which means that if you already got hit in that turn, your attacks won’t recharge the extra Energy. Moreover, your Ultimate doesn’t trigger this effect.

Asta Traces Overview And Priority

On the unique Traces screen that is specific to each character, you will be able to read about their skills. Each character has five primary Traits, three extra abilities, and a large number of other minor stat boosts that can be unlocked when they are upgraded. In addition, many other little buffs can be unlocked as you enhance them. The following is a list of all of Asta’s most important abilities:

Trace Name Type Description
Spectrum Beam Basic Attack Deals Fire DMG to a single target. All the characters in Honkai: Star Rail have the same damage on Basic Attack at a certain level.
Meteor Storm Skill Does Fire DMG to the enemy you selected and then does four more instances of the same amount of DMG to four random enemies. If you’re fighting a single-target boss, this ability is one of the best for Weakness Break.
Astral Blessing Ultimate Gives a certain amount of extra SPD to all allies for two turns. This might not seem like much at the start, but SPD is one of the most important stats during the late game.
Astrometry Talent You get one stack of Charging for hitting a certain enemy, and an extra stack if they’re weak to Fire. You can’t get multiple stacks by hitting the same enemy multiple times while using your Skill.

The ATK of all allies is increased based on the number of stacks you have. Though you’ll start losing three stacks every time Asta gets a turn from the second round. This makes the Talent only good against hordes of enemies.

Miracle Flash Technique Deals 50 percent of Asta’s ATK as damage to all the enemies as soon as you start a battle with this Technique.
Sparks Bonus Ability If you use Asta’s Basic Attacks, they have a chance to Burn enemies and deal DoT to these enemies for three turns.
Ignite Bonus Ability Fire DMG dealt by her team members is increased by 18 percent
Constellation Bonus Ability The Charging stacks from her talent also increase her DEF by 6 percent for each stack.

In order to gain access to the Bonus Abilities, you must first ascend Asta a set number of times. This reduces the number of Traits you need to maintain to only four. One of Asta’s strongest features is her Ultimate, which boosts the SPD of all allies to the point where it takes precedence.

Then you can move on to analyzing her Skill set and Talent. If you don’t intend to put a lot of damage into Asta or have a lot of spare money, you don’t need to spend it on improving her Basic Attack. Her Eidolons can greatly enhance her Talent, and she can reclaim the Ultimate with less effort.

Asta Trace Leveling Order

When constructing Asta, raise the following traces in the following order:

  • Meteor Storm (Skill)
  • Astrometry (Talent)
  • Astral Blessing (Ultimate)
  • Basic attack

When the chance arises, pick up her Ascension abilities and the passive Fire DMG and CRIT Rate nodes. Asta’s best use is as a support character, in which case players should prioritize her Speed and Effect Hit Rate. Once Sparks is online, her basic strike will cause Burn, giving her an excellent source of Skill Points.

Honkai: Star Rail - Asta Build

Asta can operate with team comps that feature a Hunt character as its major source of damage. She contributes significantly more to a squad that includes Dan Heng and Welt. The trio’s combined Speed and Slow effects can maintain the team at the top of the turn order for an extremely long time.

While Asta may be beneficial even without Eidolons, her E2 boost greatly improves her support potential by allowing her Charging stacks to remain active between turns. With this Eidolon perk, Asta can keep her damage buff active for the entire squad indefinitely.


Is Asta worth building Star Rail?

Best Asta Honkai Star Rail build: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities. When employing the optimal build, Asta is largely considered the best Fire character in Honkai Star Rail. She is a support unit and can be utilized for shattering shields and raising the team’s SPD stat.

What does ASTA scale off of Honkai: Star Rail?

Asta’s ATK scale, which includes her Basic Attack, Skill, and Technique, should be the player’s second focus. Asta’s setup in Honkai: Star Rail benefits greatly from both Break and SPD.

How old is Asta in Honkai Star Rail?

23 Asta. Asta, a Fire character on the Harmony path, is one of many Honkai: Star Rail NPCs to be encountered on Herta’s Space Station. She is likely no older than 23 like Arlan was at that time. She is a petite woman, standing at about 5 feet, 5 inches.