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Lies Of P: Best Starting Weapon


Lies of P places a premium on equipment. Your armor components determine your defenses and your amulets can change your build in very dramatic ways. However, your weapon is arguably the most crucial component. This will determine your maximum attack speed, the range of your attacks, and the shape and motion of your maneuvers. The greatest tool to begin with in lies of p is discussed here.

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Booster Glaive

The Booster Glaive is a rocket-powered heavy weapon with the Technique tree that can one-shot low-health foes while still allowing its wielder to move quickly. Fully charged heavy attacks propel users toward their target, allowing them to quickly close distances.

Lies Of P: Best Starting Weapon

The Fable Art of the Booster Glaive Blade also causes the user to be propelled forward, giving them still another means of transportation. The handle’s unique ability immobilizes the user as they charge a powerful blow with incredible potential for one-hit kills. The Puppet of the Future’s chest in Venigni Works contains this weapon.

Electric Coil Stick

As one of the game’s earliest elemental weapons, the Electric Coil Stick excels at killing puppets and other robotic foes. However, if the Electric Coil Stick Head’s Fable Art is activated, the weapon’s elemental damage is greatly increased, dealing largely blunt damage with a splash of electricity with each swing.

Lies Of P: Best Starting Weapon

Combine the Electric Coil Stick Head with the Puppet Saber Handle once players get access to weapon assembly to create a weapon that can create openings to do huge damage in a single hit. The Wandering Merchant on Elysian Boulevard is where you can get this weapon.

Puppet Saber

Before getting into depth about this, it’s vital to keep in mind that all three starting weapons are completely viable. You can’t go wrong with any of the saber, rapier, or greatsword choices. For gamers fresh to the genre, however, the Puppet Saber has two advantages that make it the perfect choice.

The Puppet Saber is perfect for players who want to craft balanced builds that make advantage of both Motivity and Technique, because it provides C scalings for both. Second, the Concentrate Fable Art is embedded in the saber’s handle, allowing the user to temporarily boost the weapon’s damage for the expense of a single Fable bar.

Lies Of P: Best Starting Weapon

On top of these, the Pupper Saber is also incredibly versatile with its moveset and damage output. Its wide swing allows you to hit several foes without colliding with walls, and its fast attack speed puts it ahead of most other one-handed weapons.


What is the best weapon for the last boss in Lies of P?

Frozen Feast, one of the best boss weapons in Lies of P, is a massive great sword with some extraordinary properties. Its strikes may be sluggish, but they are incredibly powerful and can reach far.

What is the best handle for the salamander dagger in Lies of P?

If you wish to cast Overheat from a safe distance while keeping your distance from the enemy, the Salamander Dagger Blade coupled with the Booster Glaive Handle is a wonderful choice.

What is the etiquette weapon in Lies of P?

You can get the indestructible dagger Etiquette by trading Alidoro your Broken Hero’s Ergo. Boss Weapons, often known as Special Weapons, are crafted by the various bosses you’ll face in Lies of P. These can be purchased from the eccentric merchant Alidoro in exchange for Ergo goods of the boss variety.

How many hours of gameplay is Lies of P?

Lies of P is around 2912 hours long when the key plot points are considered. If you’re the type of gamer that likes to see everything, it’ll take you about 58 hours to finish the game.