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Honkai: Star Rail – What are Speed Breakpoints


Combat in Honkai Star Rail is surprisingly easy. It appears simple to grasp. Compared to Xenoblade, Persona, and Pokémon, Honkai Star Rail lacks customization, with only two skills and a basic attack per character. Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based game where speed matters. This stat controls your character’s attacking turn frequency, which can decide battles. While investigating it, you may have seen “speed breakpoint” utilized. This article explains. Honkai: star rail speed breakpoints?

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What Is a Speed Breakpoint in Honkai: Star Rail?

The term “Speed Breakpoint” is used to describe the point at which the Speed stat becomes most beneficial, granting an additional turn after a predetermined number of cycles have passed. A guide that says “a good speed breakpoint for this character is X” suggests that you should try to have at least (or even exactly) that much speed.

As soon as you hit these values, your Speed substats will be far more valuable than they were before. Double turns are available on the first cycle with 134 Speed, but not on the second cycle with 133. To the same extent, hitting speed 135 does not instantly provide you three turns, as the next breakpoint is speed 143.

Honkai: Star Rail - What is Speed Breakpoints

All characters, regardless of how quickly they move, have at least one turn to act during a cycle. During your passes through Forgotten Hall, the duration of a cycle will be clearly shown for you to view. They appear on all other game stuff as well, although their importance is greatest in the Hall.

The first cycle is not like the others; it is much longer. For improved overall clear times, especially in the Forgotten Hall, it’s helpful to hit a Speed Breakpoint so that you can take more spins in the same cycle.

Which Speed Breakpoints Should I Go For?

Think about your character’s Speed in the context of its intended function on the team and the build you’re attempting to create. The numbers 121, 134, 143, 161, and 172 serve as significant Breakpoints. The “bare minimum” is 121, as this number satisfies the conditions for activating numerous effects from Planar Ornament sets and also grants you an extra turn on cycle 2.

Double turns on the first cycle are possible with 134, and you get all of those benefits, plus another double turn after cycle 3 with 143. Any thresholds beyond this are technically attainable, but you shouldn’t set your sights on them. When determining who attacks first, Speed isn’t considered, but other elements such as Asta’s Ultimate (which boosts everyone’s Speed) and effects such as Advance Forward (from Bronya’s talent, for example) are.

You should try getting your main DPS up to Speed 134 if feasible since you want them to hit as often as possible. Herta and Himeko, whose primary damage comes from follow-ups that can be activated outside of their turns, also benefit tremendously from going last in order to conserve Ultimate stacks. The use of buffers is always circumstance-dependent.

Honkai: Star Rail - What is Speed Breakpoints

Whenever possible, Bronya will instantly target your DPS to grant them a second round. If your Seele can travel at 134 mph, Bronya should be at least 133 mph. Asta’s speed bonus wears off as soon as it’s her turn, therefore, she’d rather go a little slower than normal (while also buffing her own speed). Although it would be ideal to have complete command over our substations, this being Star Rail, we must make due with what we have.

If you’re having trouble getting to those precise levels, Speed boots will offer you +25 Speed when maxed out, so they’re worth considering. Don’t stress if you can’t acquire all of your ideal metrics at once; what matters is what you have. Extra Relic events can be used later to acquire missing components.


What is speed for in Honkai Star Rail?

The Action Value and the timing of occurrences are both determined by how fast things happen. More quickly advance into battle if your character’s Speed is high. One of the most essential attributes in Honkai Star Rail is SPD, or speed, which is employed by both players and foes.

Is there a 50 50 in Honkai Star Rail?

With the 50/50, you have an equal chance of picking any of the seven 5-star characters from the game’s permanent wish pool, or you can get the banner’s featured character.

Who is the most op character in honkai?

Bronya. To break the turn queue in Honkai Star Rail and let characters like Seele to perform even more extra movements with huge damage boosts backing them, Bronya is easily the greatest conventional five-star character.

Who is the best healer in Honkai: Star Rail?

We don’t expect Luocha to give up his position as the top healer in Honkai: Star Rail any time soon, but Lynx makes a strong argument for being the second best healer overall, surpassing even the 5-star Bailu. Let’s compare the two.