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House Flipper 2 – How to Duplicate Items


The game property Flipper is ideal for you if you enjoy flipping houses and have always wanted to give your property a makeover. More features and variety are available in the second version to make the game easier to play. Your house flipping will be lot easier if you can duplicate objects and styles, but in order to do so, you’ll need to acquire some pretty specific bonuses for your Flipper Tool. You can learn how to duplicate things in House Flipper 2 by reading this article:

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How to Duplicate Items

You must first obtain the ‘Like two drops of water’ perk in order to begin duplicating objects. This may be found in the Flipper Tool skill’s Perks menu. You must keep using your Flipper Tool until you level up and receive a Perk Point in order to unlock the perk.

House Flipper 2 - How to Duplicate Items

Once the perk is unlocked, equipping your Flipper Tool and pressing R will allow you to use the Duplicate ability. You can choose the Duplicate at the bottom of the Flipper Tool options wheel after doing this. You can now clone an item by selecting it with M1, and you can place the copied object (M1) as close to it as you’d like.

House Flipper 2 - How to Duplicate Items

How to Duplicate Furnishing and Styles

To duplicate a style, equip the Flipper and hit R once again. On the right side of the wheel, this time, choose the Copy Style option. Now use M1 to select the style on any furnishing. Then, concentrate on the item you want the design to reflect on, and press M1 once more.

House Flipper 2 - How to Duplicate Items

This makes it easier to match the fabric style of your couches, chairs, and wallpaper. By concentrating on a wooden object and applying that style to the rest of the house, you can even match the wood.


What can you do in House Flipper 2?

House Flipper 2 is similar to the first game in that it has you remodeling properties, which includes demolition, cleaning, and furniture selection. You can grant the wishes of the characters, and you can purchase, renovate, and resell homes for a profit.

What do you need to run House Flipper 2?

You will want an Intel Core i5-8400 CPU, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 20GB of HD or SSD space in order to execute the House Flipper 2 system requirements. You will need a minimum CPU of an Intel Core i5-8400 to play House Flipper 2.

What is the difference between House Flipper 1 and 2?

House Flipper 2 updates and adds additional gameplay elements to the original game. The robust mop, the reliable paint roller, and the reliable old hammer are all waiting for you to return! The updated images give our fixer-uppers a more polished appearance than before!

Will House Flipper 2 be multiplayer?

In contrast to certain publications and rumors, House Flipper 2 does not have a multiplayer feature. More specifically, this implies that there is no method to link through a cooperative game mode or for two players to reside in the same game environment at the same time.

Is there sandbox mode in House Flipper?

The company decided to give players the same tools they used to make the game in the first place, which is how House Flipper 2’s sandbox mode came to be. “Our level designers work in the game engine inside of the build with those tools,” the team said.