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How 5G is helping gaming grow


The gaming industry hinges on new developments in technology. Whenever technology advances, the gaming industry cashes in on those advances to make products and services even better. One of the latest tech developments to supercharge the gaming industry is 5G. But what exactly is wireless tech, and how is it enhancing the games we play from smartphones, consoles and desktops?

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of internet wireless connectivity from 4G. But it’s not just a step up from 4G – it’s a whole leap up from it. 5G is around 100-times faster than 4G, and it’s not just about speed either. This super fast connectivity reduces latency for fewer lags and quicker responses. And it uses a broader spectrum network to help you connect multiple devices easily, more commonly now known as a smart home.

How 5G helps gaming grow

There is a reason you can now enjoy gaming without the need for a bulky console on the move (cloud gaming) and seamlessly stream live casino games like these from the bus stop – 5G. Gaming has grown into other areas and expanded so much due to technology. Here’s are some of the details:

Game responsiveness

One of the best aspects of 5G that all gamers can get excited about is the lower latency, and thus, faster responsiveness. Latency is expected to reduce by around 15 milliseconds, which is not a lot of time at all. But if you play (team) shooter games or any other multiplayer game, this will make those games more realistic and enjoyable.

Developers are unleashed

Mobile game developers will be given the freedom to do more with mobile games. Mobiles that are equipped to handle this advanced speed will be able to host better games. This then allows game developers to do more with mobile gaming apps, from enhancing the graphics to creating more multiplayer experiences without the worry of lags.

You can read about the current best 5G mobiles for gaming here.

Improved streaming channels

5G will also provide a boost to gaming streaming channels and sites. Those who live stream their gameplay for mass audiences will be able to do so with better quality, improving the experience on either end of the screen.

Unlocking VR gaming

Virtual Reality gaming is a niche of the gaming world that has some foundations laid but is nowhere near the level we all hope it will become. VR gaming is still being perfected, despite the availability of VR headsets and some game shitting the market already. We may not have “Full-Dive VR games” for another decade.


It is likely that VR will continue to develop, which will be aided by an almost simultaneous rollout of 5G wireless. It could be that 5G is one of the turnkey solutions to making it work on a large scale than it is today.

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