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Top 5G Phones for Gaming


The video games industry has probably experienced the biggest growth in recent times. This growth of the games market has been ongoing ever since the commercialisation of early consoles and platforms. The Commodore, N64 and PlayStation 1 were commonly known to be some of the very first pieces of hardware which permitted people to play video games, and at the time few people imagined how far gaming will go in the future. In the span of a few decades, gaming has moved from massive, clunky CRT television screens to small, handheld devices able to run the latest of titles with excellent graphics and gameplay.

Nowadays, gaming on the go has become a very integral part of the everyday lives of many people. Handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or 3DS, or Sony’s PlayStation Vita have seen their fair share of popularity over the years. While Sony’s portable does not get much love recently, Switch and 3DS are as popular as ever. Mobile gaming, however, has found a new home since a couple of years ago – smartphones.

What started with a couple of fun applications on iPhone has now transformed into a market of its own, with many developers focusing all their efforts into creating the next big hit of the mobile gaming industry. Hits like Temple Run, Flappy Bird and Subway Surfers have revolutionised the way people look at mobile games, as these titles were arguably a big part of the discovery of how much people are willing to spend on mobile gaming. But that’s not where it ends, we’re now seeing full titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty being played on mobile too.

There are even some places now hosting esports tournaments using games on mobile as their preferred platform. And nowadays all major eSports are actively followed by the top 10 betting sites so we expect this scene to get bigger with outside industries getting involved and backing mobile gaming financially.

But getting back to the games being ported to mobile is always getting better, this means that the hardware people will want to play these games supports these games. So what are the best 5G smartphones for gaming this year?



Here are 5 top 5G phones for gaming in 2021:

iPhone 12 Pro – obviously, Apple’s colossus trademark phone is the first smartphone to be mentioned, simply because of its performance and reputation. iOS 14 is the latest version of the operating system from Apple, and it is installed directly on the phone as per standard on Apple Products. Boasting the second best resolution out of the 5 phones we will go over in this list, the iPhone 12 is a very solid choice for mobile gaming due to its gorgeous visuals and solid battery life. In fact the iPhone 12 can go for around 12 hours, giving users plenty of time to play their desired games for as long as they want, obviously less than the 12 hours mentioned here.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G – Running on Android 10, which could be a dealbreaker when some other phones run on Android 11, the Galaxy S20 is another 5G phone which is especially good for gaming given its 6.5 inch screen size, which is over 1 inch bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro’s screen. Its resolution is a tad less than Apple’s phone however, but it is just a trade off to have a bigger picture. The 2400 x 1080 resolution, coupled with a 13-hour battery life, are two exceptional factors which will surely attract customers towards this phone.

Google Pixel 5 – Ironically, what is the “cheapest” phone on this list is perhaps the least one worth to get. The Pixel 5 runs on Android 10 as well, which as we mentioned previously is not the latest version of Google’s software. The phone also has the smallest screen and resolution of the bunch, with a 6-inch screen and 2340 x 1080 pixel resolution. The Pixel 5 also has just enough processing power to function for the moment, and as nowadays people tend to download and try out many apps, especially when finding games which suit a player’s tastes, this power may feel a bit limited after a couple of months of owning this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G – Another Samsung phone on this list is the Galaxy A71, which once again works on Google’s Android 10 Operating System. With a screen as big as 6.7 inches, gaming on this phone will surely feel good, and boasting a 5G network similar to the other phones we have mentioned on this list, connection for online services will never let users down. At 10 hours and a half, the Galaxy A71 has the shortest battery life of the bunch, and while true that it is the least of the phones mentioned, 10 hours is plenty.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Last but definitely not least is the latest offering from Samsung, which compared to all other phones on this list will take first prize in almost all the categories. It’s screen size is slightly larger than the Galaxy A71’s at 6.8 inches, and with a 3200 x 1440 resolution, there is a significant jump between this phone and the iPhone 12 pro which comes in at second. Pumping out a little over 11 hours of battery life on a single charge, the S21 Ultra fails to trump the iPhone 12 in only this category, being the unanimous winner in all of the others.

5G Phones are predicted to dominate the smartphone landscape in 2021, and it is no surprise given the jump from 4G which now feels outdated. Combined with the ever growing need for more data and speed, the smartphones listed above will surely deliver well for consumers to consider investing in.

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