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How AI Is Changing the Online Gaming Industry


Spending free time in front of a personal computer and playing games is one of the favorite ways of many people to spend their free time. Playing games can be good for relaxation, improvement of focus, and connection with people with the same passion. 

However, do all games we can find online have enough space to improve? In recent years, certain significant changes are present. One of the technologies that more often stand behind online games is artificial intelligence

This technology supports different game genders. You can find it for action games, horror games, casino games, etc. If you are a true lover of the iGaming industry, then you should know why this technology is significant for you. There are some immersive benefits you can get as a player. Let’s go!

Effect of AI on Roulette Games

Let’s start with casino games! Roulette is one of the iGaming products that people gladly play. They do not do that because of money. Roulette is a pure luck-based game with a decent RTP that does not require any spectacular knowledge of gambling. It can be perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

Fortunately for people, the number of roulette casinos in the Philippines that are adapting to this technology is not small. The owners have realized that people want to get a more realistic experience when playing casino games online. They wanted to ensure that the interaction they get with the game is top-notch which will certainly make their free time more entertaining. 

Cheating Will Be Reduced to a Minimum

While we think that most gamers are good people with childish energy, we must admit that there are a lot of cheaters as well. Reducing cheating to a minimum has been one of the main goals of software developers in recent years. However, it seems that scammers have usually been more creative. They somehow always find a way to win games online with different dishonest methods. 

Anyway, artificial intelligence can prevent this from happening. This technology analyses the behavioral patterns of all the participants. It will easily spot all the activities that are different and block the players that are using different scam methods. 

More Challenging NPCs

For those that do not know, NPC stands for non-player characters. These characters are controlled by different algorithms that support the game. Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to create algorithms and learn from people.

That is the reason why certain characters of this type can be as good as they are controlled by real players. Some people simply do not want to play multiplayer games, and this has certainly expanded the list of options they have!

Outcome Depends on Your Decisions a Lot

Let’s get back to the past a little. You remember the games that we have all been playing. Whichever decisions we make, there is a limited number of outcomes that would appear after that. With artificial intelligence, things are way different than that!

This technology improves the gameplay and ensures that the decisions of the player directly impact the outcome of the game. The number of possibilities is pretty big which makes any game supported by AI more interesting and challenging. You can play it again and again and deal with a completely different scenario every time. Cool, isn’t it?

Better Features of the Game

Players will certainly enjoy games more with this modern technology. However, be sure that software developers will also enjoy developing them more. AI gives them new options for content creation. They can easily develop new levels, gameplay conditions, sounds, and characters that will meet the expectations of the players. 

Landscape Based on Gamer’s Decision

The quality of pathfinding is going to be much better. This phrase actually defines the path that a player needs to pass with his character from one location to another while playing games. One of the crucial features of pathfinding is actually the landscape of the game you are playing.

Thanks to the capabilities that AI has, the landscape will be created based on your playing style, decisions, and moves. That way, you can expect to see something different and unique all the time!

Lower Investments, Better Prices!

We once again need to get back to the benefits that software-developing companies will have. If you are not familiar with this business field, then you can’t even imagine how expensive it is to develop a single game. Apart from that, people often do not realize how risky this industry is. What if the entrepreneur invests millions in game development, but the market does not accept it?

Thanks to AI, the entire procedure of game development will last much shorter. Apart from that, the companies won’t have to spend that much money. This ensures perfect conditions for businesses that operate within this field. 

Lower Predictability Level

Predictability is one of the key factors that can make the game monotonous. As we explained, the landscape and outcomes depend only on the player’s decisions. Because of that, the predictability level of the games becomes extremely low. Even if you find yourself in identical situations, only one tiny difference can create an unexpected outcome. Doesn’t this seem great?


Artificial intelligence and VR technology are certainly two tools that will improve the gaming industry a lot. There are no signs that the same trend won’t continue in the future. People are simply demanding a more realistic, uncertain, and comfortable personal experience when playing games. These are things that artificial technology can give to us.