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How to Record Minecraft on Windows 10


Minecraft is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages, from young children to senior citizens. Some players enjoy adventuring through the world of Minecraft in search of materials and evading creepers, while others are more interested in constructing magnificent landmarks like the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower. Still others focus on improving their personal homes, farms, and other properties. The game is considerably more entertaining because to the humorous graphics, and you can even add your own mods to it! The steps to record Minecraft on Windows 10 are outlined here.

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How to Record Minecraft on Windows 10

1. Download and install the software

To obtain Gecata, simply click the button provided on this page. Simply double-click the installation file, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If required, make the necessary adjustments to the installation choices. When the procedure is finished, you can start up the software.

2. Specify the settings

You’ll need to make some adjustments to the settings in the main software window. To begin, you should make the transition to Desktop mode, as this is the mode that should be used for games that are operating in window mode. After that, click the icons that correspond to your microphone and (optionally) your webcam in order to activate them. You may now hit the stage in style!

How to Record Minecraft on Windows 10

3. Start recording

You may view the remaining free space on your hard drive, an estimate of the size of the video file that will be created in the future, as well as the length of the film in the main window. Once you begin the process of recording the gaming, the software will continue to operate in the background without interfering with the process. After clicking the button in Gecata labelled “Start Recording,” launch Minecraft and begin playing the game.

Since Gecata is not visible when the game is being played, it is much simpler to utilise the following shortcuts while you are actually playing the game: press F10 to begin or end recording, F9 to pause or restart recording, F8 to snap a screenshot, and F11 to display an overlay with the recording data.

How to Record Minecraft on Windows 10

We strongly suggest that you record the entirety of the gameplay session so that you don’t miss anything that could be significant or just humorous. Therefore, once you have finished playing the game, click the Stop button to put an end to the recording process. To access the files you’ve saved, click the icon that looks like a folder. You are free to proceed with watching your videos and then uploading them to your YouTube channel, as well as any other video service or social networking sites.

How to Record Minecraft on Windows 10

You should now be able to record your voice while playing Minecraft on your PC. Upload your videos and collect as many likes as you can.


Does Minecraft have a recorder?

Because Minecraft does not come with an in-game recorder, you will require an external recording programme in order to capture gameplay footage of the game. You can select Xbox game bar by pressing “Windows Key + G” on your Windows computer or QuickTime Player on your Mac by using that combination of keys.

What app should I use to record Minecraft?

AZ Screen recorder is going to function well for the game recording you need to do on Android. Not only may it be utilised without cost, but it also possesses a refined simplicity. Directly through your smartphone, a high-definition film of excellent quality may be accessed by simply pressing the start and stop buttons.

What screen recorder do Youtubers use?

You may record videos to upload to YouTube and other websites using OBS, which is a programme that is both free and open source. Many users believe it to be among the greatest recording tools for YouTube, making it one of the top free video capture services available. It provides options for recording the screen that are both user-friendly and high-performing, in addition to capabilities for combining audio.

Does Minecraft have copyright?

The intellectual property rights of the content and materials found in Minecraft belong to their respective owners. You are required to provide us a licence to use any content that you publish on the Minecraft Wiki in accordance with our Terms of Service. Do not make available on the Minecraft Wiki any content for which you lack the appropriate rights to give this licence if you are the owner of the content.