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How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring


The Poison Mist Spell is an Incantation that, when cast in Elden Ring, causes a cloud of poisonous mist to appear in front of the user, and it can be cast while the user is moving. Due to the fact that it is located in Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, players have a good chance of acquiring this Spell early on in the game. The fact that there is a teleporting Teardrop Scarab is the only thing that makes the process of obtaining the Poison Mist a little bit annoying. Players will need to act quickly in order to obtain the Incantation.

Those who spend an extended amount of time within the Poison Mist are well acquainted with the rot that permeates the world; the Poison Mist is the domain of the servants of decay. In addition to this, it draws parallels to the process of rebirth, as it is death that gives birth to life. If players are not content with this Elden Ring Incantation, there is another Ash of War that is quite similar to Poisonous Mist that Tarnished can employ in conjunction with the Poison Mist.

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How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring

How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring

The location of the Poison Mist Incantation may be found in Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, to the south of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Lost Grace.

How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring

Once you have reached the bonfire, proceed in the direction of the southeast, go through the broken walls, and then turn around and continue to the south.

How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring

After a while, you will notice some buried remains in the earth; when you are close to them, turn to the southeast. If players keep moving in the same direction, they will, at some point, be able to make out a Teardrop Scarab from the Elden Ring off in the distance.

How To Get Poison Mist Spell in Elden Ring

Get close to the Teardrop Scarab and deal it damage as soon as possible before it teleports away. If the players arrived too late and the creature teleported away nevertheless, they should hunt for it carefully because it doesn’t travel very far.

Because the Tear drops scarab can be slain from a great distance without triggering its teleportation ability, using long-range attacks such as Sorcery or Arrows can surely be of assistance.


Where do I get the mist spell Elden Ring?

After finishing Gowry’s quest chain, it is possible to purchase this item from him for 5,000 Runes.

Is Poison Mist good Elden Ring?

The poison mist is an excellent tool for dealing damage to a group of foes as well as for reducing their strength or making them more vulnerable. It’s possible that this is something that goes without saying, but it’s also one of my favourite aspects of Elden Ring: The method that elemental damage is dealt is quite close to being adjacent to an immersive simulation.

Where can I buy poison mist?

The Teardrop Scarab, which can be found on the Weeping Peninsula, is the source of the Poison Mist. This scarab can be found just to the north of a poison field that is located northeast of Castle Morne.

How long does poison mist last Elden Ring?

5 seconds
The mist has a duration of five seconds, during which it applies a poison accumulation to each tick. The accumulation of poison in the mist is affected differently based on the weapon’s affinity, as it is proportional to the arcane stat.