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How Can I Acquire Madden Ultimate Team Coins in a Short Amount of Time


The relationship between Ultimate Team and EA Sports has become inextricable. Since MUT has been brought back for Madden 23, it is time to start putting those coins away as soon as you can. Having said that, how?

Ultimate Team has become almost synonymous with EA Sports over the course of the company’s history, and the most recent installment of the company’s long-running American football franchise does not deviate from the tradition of previous installments in the series. Nevertheless, it does raise the age-old question: What are the most efficient ways for players to acquire MUT coins in Madden 23, and how can they do so? Reading this guide will help you find the answer to that very question, which is fortunate for you because it is the kind of question that can be answered.

Easy-to-Follow Walkthrough on How to Acquire Madden Ultimate Team Coins in Madden 23

Coins are the primary form of payment and currency in MUT, just like they are in the FIFA series’ Ultimate Team mode. Coins can be earned by playing matches and by completing challenges. Having said that, getting a hold of them might be a time-consuming process. If you are interested in rapidly accumulating MUT 23 coins in Madden 23, there are a number of methods available to you that do not involve spending actual money on points. These methods are referred to as “free methods.”Let’s take a look.

Simply switching between the different game modes can frequently result in the acquisition of virtual currency that can be used within the game. Participating in Challenges is one way to quickly accumulate experience points and other rewards. Other ways include:Every week, new content is added, and along with it comes a variety of rewards to unlock and goals to complete. In general, the reward will be of higher quality when the difficulty of the challenge (or the scope of the challenge) is greater. When a player completes a level, they have the opportunity to earn up to 300 coins. The levels range in difficulty from easy to difficult.

Gain Valuable Experience by Participating in Games on the Field
The new progression system in MUT is referred to as Field Pass, and it includes in-season challenges, themed rewards, and one-of-a-kind new game mode objectives at every stage of the process. Even though the Season Field Pass requires a certain amount of XP in order for the player to advance, getting a head start on the competition can be accomplished simply by playing the game itself. The completion of each level of progression results in the awarding of a reward, which may come in increments as large as 10,000 coins at a time. When a player isn’t receiving coins for their progression visiting here, however, there’s a good chance that they’re unlocking packs or individual cards. These can be obtained in a variety of ways. There are many different routes one can take to acquire these. Also, in a few specific cases…

Cards That Can Be Purchased Directly or Through an Auction
Look, this is Ultimate Team we’re talking about here—you’re not going to always hit the jackpot (or the red, in this case) with a player you pull from a pack, reward, or anything else of the sort. This is just the nature of the game. However, once you have the chance to do so, it is essential to capitalize on the opportunity as soon as possible, whether that means selling the player right away or putting them up for auction as soon as possible.

If you decide to go with the “quick sell” alternative, you are almost certainly going to put yourself in a significant financial bind. The reward for doing so with the Nick Chubb card displayed above at the time this screenshot was taken was a total of 2,100 mut coins. This was the only reward that could be earned for doing so. On the other hand, if a player decided to auction it off, there is a significantly increased possibility that they will bring in a sizeable amount of coins as a result of their sale.

When taking part in an auction, a player has the ability to choose the price range for the card that they are contemplating selling based on the information that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. This can be done regardless of whether or not the player actually sells the card. After that point, they will have the ability to maintain the auction’s availability for a maximum of twenty-four hours if they so choose. However, if recent sales of a particular card appear to be on the high end—and the card that was just shown certainly reflects that—the player may find that a shorter auction is both quicker and more beneficial to them. This is because a shorter auction has fewer opportunities for other players to outbid them.

Daily incentives and rewards
Even if you are unable to take part in the game, it is critical that you log in to MUT on a daily basis in order to maintain your position in the game. Another useful tactic is the one described here. Even on days when there are no coins to be won, players who participate in Ultimate Team will still receive a reward for their participation in the mode. If players combine this choice with some of the other available options, they have a better chance of getting the most bang for their buck out of their investment.

How to Accumulate MUT Coins in Madden 23 in a Short Amount of Time
As you can see, players in Madden 23 have a wide variety of options available to them for acquiring MUT coins in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Despite the fact that playing Ultimate Team will undoubtedly become a chore in a relatively short amount of time, you should make sure to keep these considerations in mind as you start your journey through the game. However, do not allow the fun to come to an end there! Be sure to check out the links that have been provided for you below if you are looking for additional recommendations or information. You’ll also be able to find guides that explain how to juke, how to select the appropriate passing style, and how to throw each pass that Madden 23 has to offer.