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How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring


The Isolated Divine Tower is one of the six divine towers that can be discovered in Elden Ring. This tower is known by its own name. If you want to regain the power that was lost when Malenia’s Great Rune was destroyed, you must travel to this location. On the other side, in comparison to the other towers, it is a little bit harder to get to this one. The following are the steps that must be taken in order to reach the Isolated Divine Tower in the Elden ring:

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How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring

Before you may travel to the Isolated Divine Tower, you will first have to find your way to the Divine Bridge in Leyndell. This is a prerequisite for reaching the Isolated Divine Tower.

There is more than one way to go to the Divine Bridge, but the two most common ways are listed below. The approach that is going to be the least challenging is going to be unlocking the chest that is situated at the very top of the Tower of Return in the Weeping Peninsula. This chest can be found in the middle of the tower. As soon as you open it, you will be transported without any further action being necessary on your part to the Divine Tower.

How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring

The second choice is to go to Leyndell and find your way to the Fortified Manor, which is a site that is an exact replica of the Roundtable Hold. You may get there by travelling to Leyndell. You can go here if you start at the Site of Grace on the West Capital Rampart and then jump over the ledge that is situated to the west of where you are. This will bring you here.

After entering the Fortified Manor, immediately go to the first door on the right that is locked and unlock it. Proceed to the next door on the left. Proceed forward and enter the building through the door that is the first one on the left in order to reach the open courtyard. Be on the lookout for any abductor virgins that could be hiding around these parts.

How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring

On the other hand, destroying these opponents is not required in order for you to advance with the quest. If you want to find a lift, you should just keep moving forward in the direction of the sound. If you decide to use the Divine Bridge, you will arrive there after the portal is opened.

The Divine Bridge Waygate

How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring

Continue moving forward from the Site of Grace until you reach the balcony on the Divine Bridge. There, you will find a sleeping golem. You ought to be able to spot a waygate off to the left of this location. If you go through this waygate, you will be transported to the outside of the Isolated Divine Tower immediately afterward.

Stepping Foot Inside the Divine Tower in Isolation

After you have vanquished Malenia, you will be granted access to the Isolated Divine Tower for the first time. When you reach the top of the tower, just like with the other divine towers, you will have the opportunity to activate the Great Rune.

How to Get to Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring

After it has been triggered, Malenia’s Great Rune grants you the ability to regain health points by attacking immediately after being damaged. The impact of this Great Rune is extremely similar to the Rally mechanic that can be found in Bloodborne. On the other hand, it will also have the effect of lowering the amount of HP that can be regenerated by the Flask of Crimson Tears.