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How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?


Have you ever wondered how long your Instagram Stories actually last? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll dive into the duration of Instagram Stories and the options for saving them. We’ll also explore how to view Stories in the feed, explore tab, and user profiles. Plus, we’ll address the 15-second limit for each Story and the bug that sometimes causes them to stay visible for more than 24 hours. Curious about the lifespan of your Stories? Keep reading for all the details.

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What are Instagram Stories?

Do you know how long Instagram Stories last before they disappear? Well, let me tell you. Instagram Stories have a duration of 24 hours. That’s right, after you post a Story, it will stay visible for a full day before vanishing from your profile. So, make sure to make the most of that time and engage your followers with captivating photos, videos, and text.

However, if you want your Stories to last longer, you have the option to save them as highlights on your profile. These highlights act like regular Instagram posts and can be seen by other people even after the 24 hours.

How Long Do Instagram Stories Last?

You may be wondering how long Instagram Stories actually last. Well, let me tell you, they have a duration of 24 hours. That’s right, any photo, video, or text you post to your Instagram Story will disappear after a day. But don’t worry, even though they vanish, they can still be viewed by your followers and enjoyed for the duration. If you want your Stories to last longer, you have the option to save them as Highlights on your profile. Verified accounts or users with a large following can even save Stories for an extended period.

Instagram Stories in the feed

Your Instagram Stories will appear in the feed as small circular icons, and viewers can tap on them to view the full-screen content. This feature allows you to share your photos, videos, and text more engagingly. Your Stories will last for 24 hours before disappearing from your profile, so make sure to take advantage of this limited time to connect with your audience.

You can also add interactive features like stickers, polls, and questions to make your Stories more interactive and fun. After viewing your Stories, viewers will be brought back to the regular feed, where they can continue scrolling and engaging with other content.

Instagram Stories in the Explore tab

Check out the new Instagram Stories in the Explore tab, where you can discover and explore more content from other users based on your interests. Instagram Stories in the Explore tab provides a great way to find new accounts and engage with different types of content. When you open the Explore tab, you’ll see a section dedicated to Stories that are recommended for you. These Stories are selected based on your previous interactions and popular content.

By tapping on a profile picture, you can view the full-screen Story and interact with it by swiping, tapping, or replying via direct message. It’s a fun and easy way to discover new content and connect with other users on Instagram.

Instagram Stories in the profile

Explore the Stories in your profile to easily access and enjoy all the disappearing content you’ve shared on Instagram. When you post a Story, it stays on your profile for 24 hours before it disappears. But don’t worry, even after the 24-hour mark, you can still view and enjoy your expired Stories.

Plus, you have the option to save your favourite Stories as highlights on your profile, giving them longer visibility. Simply tap on a profile picture to view the full-screen Story. And if you want to access all your posted Stories in one place, you can find them in the Stories section of your profile.

Why Is My Instagram Story Still Up After 3 Days?

Have you noticed that your Instagram Story is still up after 3 days? It’s not just you, others have experienced this too. If your Story is still visible after the usual 24-hour duration, it may be due to a bug or a technical glitch. Instagram Stories are designed to disappear after a day, but sometimes, errors occur. To resolve this issue, try refreshing the app or logging in again.

In most cases, this should make your Story disappear as it’s supposed to. If, however, your Story remains visible even after taking these steps, it’s likely a persistent error. In such cases, it’s best to report the issue to Instagram for further assistance.

How to view expired Instagram Stories

To view expired Instagram Stories, tap on the profile picture and swipe up. When you see a circular icon with a profile picture at the top of your Instagram feed, that means there’s a Story to view. Just tap on the profile picture to open the Story in full-screen mode. From there, you can swipe up to view the entire Story, even if it has already expired. This is a great way to catch up on content that you may have missed before it disappeared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Increase the Duration of My Instagram Stories Beyond 24 Hours?

No, you can’t increase the duration of your Instagram Stories beyond 24 hours. They automatically disappear after that time. However, you can save them as highlights on your profile for longer visibility.

Are There Any Limitations on the Number of Photos or Videos I Can Include in an Instagram Story?

Yes, there is a limitation on the number of photos or videos you can include in an Instagram Story. You can add multiple photos and videos, but the maximum number of Stories you can post in 24 hours is 100.

Can I See Who Has Viewed My Instagram Story?

Yes, you can see who has viewed your Instagram story. Instagram provides a list of users who have viewed your story. This feature allows you to keep track of who is engaging with your content.

Is It Possible to Edit or Delete a Story After It Has Been Posted?

Yes, you can edit or delete an Instagram Story after it’s posted. Simply tap on your profile picture, select the Story you want to edit or delete, then use the options available.

Can I Save Someone Else’s Instagram Story to My Own Profile?

Yes, you can save someone else’s Instagram story to your own profile. Just tap on the profile picture of the story you want to save, and then tap on the “Save” button.


In conclusion, Instagram Stories are a popular feature that allows users to share disappearing content for a set period of time. These Stories last for 24 hours before they’re automatically deleted. However, there have been instances where a bug causes Stories to remain visible for more than 24 hours. Despite this, Instagram offers various options for saving and viewing expired Stories, ensuring that users can still enjoy and engage with the content.