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How Long to Beat Neon White


Players take control of White, a neon who is attempting to win a seat in paradise by defeating demons in the action-adventure video game Neon White. As participants work toward achieving this objective, they will progress through a number of levels; hence, some of them may find themselves wondering how long it will take them to complete all of the stages. The purpose of this guide is to shed some light on that subject, and in what follows, fans will find information about the length of Neon White, as well as a list of the levels.

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How Long to Beat Neon White

How Long to Beat Neon White

Players should anticipate that their first time through Neon White will take approximately ten hours, despite the fact that the game’s heavy emphasis on time trials makes determining an accurate length for it fairly difficult. For the sake of clarification, this would be a replaying in which fans of speedrunning are largely focused on reaching just the times that are required for growth, and possibly they would also acquire some presents and accomplish a few of side objectives as well. However, players are not required to finish the experience at that point because it is possible to make it last for a significantly longer period of time.

In point of fact, aficionados of indie video games who delve deeply into the game’s extra material, such as the presents and side missions mentioned previously, and who strive for gold medals on every level could end up spending more than 20 hours with Neon White before everything is said and done. Players have the opportunity to take this a step further by attempting to turn their gold medals into ace medals, a task that requires exceptional performance from them. Because of these possibilities, fans have a good deal of control over the duration of the experience, and they can determine the degree to which they want to polish their runs.

How Many Levels in Neon White

How Long to Beat Neon White

There are 97 different levels in total spread out across 12 different chapters in Neon White. There are ten different stages in each chapter almost always, and the vast majority of them can be finished in three minutes or less on the very first playthrough of the game. As players go through this game and gain access to new areas of the narrative, they will significantly reduce these times as a result of their efforts.

For those first-person shooter lovers who are interested in learning more about Neon White’s levels, a full list of them, broken up into chapters, can be found below. It is essential to point out that the names of the levels themselves could be considered spoilers, therefore players who wish to avoid learning any information of this nature are strongly urged to stop reading at this point.


  1. Movement
  2. Pummel
  3. Gunner
  4. Cascade
  5. Elevate
  6. Bounce
  7. Purify
  8. Climb
  9. Fasttrack
  10. Glass Port

Killer Inside

  1. Take to the Skies
  2. Godspeed
  3. Dasher
  4. Thrasher
  5. Outstretched
  6. Smackdown
  7. Catwalk
  8. Fastlane
  9. Distinguish
  10. Dancer

Only Shallow

  1. Guardian
  2. Stomp
  3. Jumper
  4. Tower of Dash
  5. Descent
  6. Driller
  7. Canals
  8. Sprint
  9. Mountain
  10. Superkinetic

The Old City

  1. Arrival
  2. Forgotten City
  3. The Tower of the Clock

The Burn That Cures

  1. Fireball
  2. Ringer
  3. Cleaner
  4. Warehouse
  5. Boom
  6. Streets
  7. Steps
  8. Demolition
  9. Arcs
  10. Apartment


  1. Hanging Gardens
  2. Tangled
  3. Waterworks
  4. Killswitch
  5. Falling
  6. Shocker
  7. Bouquet
  8. Prepare
  9. Triptrack
  10. Race


  1. Bubble
  2. Shield
  3. Overlook
  4. Pop
  5. Minefield
  6. Mimic
  7. Trigger
  8. Greenhouse
  9. Sweep
  10. Fuse


  1. Heaven’s Edge
  2. Zipline
  3. Swing
  4. Chute
  5. Crash
  6. Ascent
  7. Straightaway
  8. Firecracker
  9. Streak
  10. Mirror


  1. Escalation
  2. Bolt
  3. Godstreak
  4. Plunge
  5. Mayhem
  6. Barrage
  7. Estate
  8. Tripwire
  9. Ricochet
  10. Fortress

The Third Temple

  1. Holy Ground
  2. The Third Temple

Thousand Pound Butterfly

  1. Spree
  2. Breakthrough
  3. Glide
  4. Closer
  5. Hike
  6. Switch
  7. Access
  8. Congregation
  9. Sequence
  10. Marathon

Hand of God

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Absolution