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How Many Heists in Payday 3


Payday 3 returns the clown heisters for more big scores across America. With so many banks and money-making prospects for clowns in 2023, some may ask how many heists Payday 3 has and which are available to vanilla game owners. Payday 3 has eight heists with different locations, objectives, and challenges. Whether online or alone. Payday 3’s heist count:

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Is There Payday 3 DLC?

Starbreeze has stated that post-launch heist DLCs would be made available for Payday 3 as part of a Season Pass. Players who only got their hands on Payday 3’s Standard Edition will have to shell out extra cash to get their hands on the Season Pass. Silver Edition owners, on the other hand, have access to the Season Pass for 6 months, which includes not one but two additional heists.

The Gold Edition gives you access to the Season Pass for a full year, which includes four additional heists. Starbreeze has announced their plans for the first year, including four downloadable content packs titled “The Bad Apple.” As of right now, we know very little about the specifics of the four new heist experiences that will be available to players between the Winter 2023 and Fall 2024 release windows.

  • DLC 1 – Syntax Error (Winter 2023)
  • DLC 02 – Boys in Blue (Spring 2024)
  • DLC 03 – The Land of the Free (Summer 2024)
  • DLC 04 – Fear and Greed (Fall 2024)

While details on the forthcoming heists for Payday 3 are limited, gamers can anticipate a steady stream of new content, including heists, adversaries, weapons, cosmetics, characters, talents, and more. Fans of the series may recall the extensive downloadable material Starbreeze released for Payday 2, so it’s safe to assume that Starbreeze will add more than eight heists to Payday 3 in the near future.

How Many heists are there in Payday 3?

The game’s initial release has eight New York City-based heists. This may not sound like a lot, but remember that each assignment takes 15–30 minutes to complete and has enough variety to ensure you never do the same thing twice.

According to the season pass, at least four further heists will be added to the game after its initial release. After the season pass’s content rollout, the total number of heists will be 12. When Payday 2 first came out, game included 12 heists, but most of them reused the same little maps again and over again. Payday 3 will have fewer distinct maps, but the game’s scale will increase significantly.

Here’s a rundown of all the heists you can pull off in the game, in chronological order.

  • No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked is the name of the first theft in Payday 3. Players will try to break into the vault at the Secure Capital Bank and steal a significant amount of cash in this traditional bank heist. Due to its accessibility and variety of play styles, No Rest for the Wicked can be used by new players as if it were the default heist when learning the ropes of Payday 3.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

This heist is straightforward, requiring just that players disable the security systems in order to steal a large sum of money or cause enough mayhem to burn a hole in the bank’s vault using thermite. In this case, you get to pick the participants.

  • Road Rage

The second robbery in Payday 3 is called “Road Rage,” and it’s not too difficult. The players’ objective is not to rob a bank or museum, but rather an armored vehicle carrying a rare-earth element that could fetch a high price on the black market. Since Road Rage is an audible theft, it’s wise to arm yourself with the most reliable and lethal weapons you can find.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

Players can begin the robbery stealthily, but once the SWAT escort of the shipment figures out what’s going on, they’ll unleash a barrage of assaults. This heist, Road Rage, provides a quick and exciting fix for people seeking excitement.

  • Dirty Ice

The jewelry heist returns in Dirty Ice, updated for Payday 3. Ashton Fine Jewelry may appear simple and family-owned, but it is actually a vital part of the corporate machinery that keeps money flowing. Lucky for the Payday gang, all that jewelry may be an easy score and a fantastic chance.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

Starbreeze wants to make these elements work, therefore stealth is encouraged in many Payday 3 heists, including Dirty Ice. However, players that wish to go guns blazing can do so, but if they take too long, police will attack. Dirty Ice may be finished fast with a dedicated team looting the jewelry store and leaving no stone unturned.

  • Rock the Cradle

Players must stealth-only complete Rock the Cradle, Payday 3’s fourth robbery. In this robbery, players must commit to stealth or lose a greater payday and start over. Heisters must gain entrance to the VIP area of the strong Neon Cradle club, but not for drugs and gambling. Instead, players will search the Neon Cradle for cryptocurrency and get a cash-filled crypto wallet.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

Since the player can’t be caught, this theft needs quick thinking and attention to detail. Rock the Cradle is for serious stealth professionals who want to try it without risking failure. If the alarm rings, the crypto-wallet is deleted and all winnings are gone in an instant.

  • Under the Surphaze

The SURPHAZE Art Gallery is ideal for Payday 3’s fifth heist, when gamers must take costly paintings for themselves. They must steal these paintings so their buyer can have a healthy collection of stolen and costly art. This art gallery robbery in Payday 3 is harder due to tougher security and improved safety precautions.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

The exhibition owners won’t be tricked again. The theft may be difficult for solitary players. Players can either go in loud or take time to bypass these security measures. Under the Surphaze lets players switch between stealth and loud, but not everyone likes sneaking. This tricky heist requires a gun.

  • Gold & Sharke

Nothing beats this classic. The 6th heist in Payday 3’s initial release, the Gold & Sharke, involves a Lower Manhattan bank robbery known to several of the series’ early heisters. Gold & Sharke is a conventional bank with Payday 3 improvements. This theft reveals that the antagonistic Patricia J. Sharke, who forced the Payday gang out of retirement, owns this bank.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

Players can sneak or fire at anyone who is in their way in the Gold & Sharke robbery, like most bank heists. This theft is one of the longest, especially in stealth, due to its scale.

  • 99 Boxes

Lucky 7th Payday 3 theft. Teams can enjoy the 99 Boxes heist, which involves infiltrating a transport yard to find experimental electronics. Players can steal financial commodities from this New York port freight pier. Since the boxes must be kept cool, gamers must handle their loot carefully.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

These electronics will degrade and lose value if players are negligent. Players may require bots for this. Players can sneak, shoot, or do both to achieve this robbery. The player can rush through this robbery for the essentials or complete the objectives for the best loot.

  • Touch the Sky

Once Payday 3 is released, players can complete the game by completing the last robbery, Touch the Sky. The Payday gang infiltrates the penthouse of the mysterious Mason Laurent in the eighth heist, and gamers may be surprised to learn that Laurent was deeply connected in the Murkywater PMC, one of the biggest threats in Payday 2.

How Many Heists in Payday 3

To keep their digital money safe and remain untraceable, players will need to find an encryption key inside the penthouse. Because of the importance of stealth in the last Payday 3 heist, players are advised to save Touch the Sky until last. They can even just return to open hostilities if they like.


How many players is Payday 3?

The concept is similar to that of Payday, in which four players work together to commit daring robberies at cliched establishments like a bank, jewelry store, or art museum.

How many maps are going to be in Payday 3?

What’s wrong with eight maps? Starbreeze has said repeatedly that, unlike in PD2, each heist will have its own flavor and feel. Starbreeze has promised more free downloadable content (DLC) containing heists in the future, so don’t worry if you want more than the current total of eight.

How much gb is Payday 3?

The minimum storage space required to play Payday 3 is 65 GB, but an SSD is not mandatory. Payday 2 requires a whopping 83GB of free space, and we anticipate that Payday 3 will grow in size over time in the same way that its predecessor did.

Is Payday 3 developed by overkill?

Overkill was purchased by Starbreeze Studios, a Swedish video game developer, in 2012. A few of this firm’s most well-known works are the Payday games, which include Payday: The Heist, Payday 2, and Payday 3.