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Tchia Trophy Guide and Roadmap


There are a total of 22 trophies for Tchia to earn. Finding the one secret award can be a real challenge. Although Tchia has not yet been made available for PC, we will add all PC-specific accomplishments to this page whenever they become available. In action-adventure games like Tchia, trophies are of paramount importance. We need a Tchia trophy guide, and this one will show you the ropes:

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Tchia Trophy List

Counting the secret trophy we’ll be discussing below, there are a total of 21 trophies in Tchia. Most of these trophies may be unlocked simply by playing through Tchia’s main story, but others will demand you to deviate from the beaten route and investigate each Island.

Tchia Trophy Guide

Listed here are all of Tchia’s easily accessible base and secret trophies:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Fashion Faux-Pas Wear the Umbrella Hat. Bronze
Soul-Cannon Soul-Jump into an object after Soul-Throwing it. Bronze
Clay Pigeon Shoot down a bird with a Slingshot. Bronze
In a Pinch Win something in a Claw Machine Bronze
Energy Saver Burn three enemies at once with a single object or explosion. Silver
Ahem Ahem Shout from every Point of View. Silver
Iconoclast Destroy every Meavora Statue. Silver
Globe Trotter Discover all the Docks. Silver
Audiophile Unlock every Soul Melody. Silver
The Journey Onwards Reach the endgame. Silver
Happy Camper Discover all the Campfires. Silver
Shredder Score 100% in any music sequence. Silver
Snip Snip Wear the complete Crab outfit. Silver
Arrr! Wear the complete pirate outfit and boat style. Silver
Body and Soul Upgrade your Soul-Meter to 10 slots. Gold
Live Wire Upgrade your stamina to 120. Gold
Ça de Wizz! Reach 100% game completion. Gold
Historian Find and open all Treasure Chests. Gold
Fashion Victim Unlock every cosmetic item for Tchia and the boat. Gold
Liberator Clear all Soldier Camps. Gold
New Caledonian Collect all Trophies. Platinum

Tchia Hidden Trophy List

There is only one hidden prize for Tchia, and figuring out how to earn it all can be extremely challenging. However, if you successfully solve this puzzle, you will be eligible for the coveted Platinum Trophy.

This is the secret trophy that Tchia has been working toward:

Trophy How to unlock it Grade
Thing Find and Soul-Jump into Pwi Dua’s hand. Gold


Is Tchia an easy platinum?

While you won’t likely feel overmatched or frustrated once you figure out what the game is asking of you, Tchia’s objectives may not always be crystal clear. Nonetheless, it’s a very accessible and largely casual experience that provides an easy, if time-consuming, platinum trophy.

Does Tchia have a platinum trophy?

Tchia has a single secret award, and it’s a real brain teaser to figure out how to get it. Once you crack this code, though, you’ll be one step closer to the fabled Platinum Trophy. Locate Pwi Dua’s hand and perform a Soul Jump into it.

How long does it take to beat Tchia?

The first time through the game’s main story should take players somewhere between 12 and 15 hours to complete. Players should plan accordinglay.

How do you upgrade your stamina to 120 Tchia?

Players need to find and eat Stamina Fruit to increase Tchia’s stamina. Tchia can pick up these special magic fruit from all across the islands and eat them to increase her stamina.