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Lords of the Fallen: How to Use Ranged Weapons


Ranged combat has always been part of Soulslike games, but Lords of the Fallen introduces a new mechanic that makes projectile use essential regardless of build. While Lords of the Fallen emphasizes physical combat, the developers added ranged weaponry in a character’s main kit. Throwing projectiles and killing foes from distance is a key concept in the title game, and many players want to maximize it to make it easier. How to utilize ranged weapons in Lords of the Fallen:

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How to Use Ranged Attack Weapons

Players should access the inventory menu to equip a ranged weapon and ammunition. Put the Throwing Hand in your ranged weapon slot, and then load up your ammo slots with grenades, hatchets, and javelins.

Before using a ranged weapon or throwing an object, the player must equip one and assume Ranged Stance by pressing and holding Left Ctrl/LT/L2. Choose your ammo, then press LMB/RB/R1 for a fast shot, or press and hold RMB/RT/R2 for an accurate shot.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Use Ranged Weapons

Players’ ability to fire or throw is not tied to the quantity of bullets or darts they have on hand, but rather to the number of Ranged Slots they have available. When employed, more powerful ammunition types will require more spaces to store their ammunition. Spending on Health raises your maximum number of Ranged Slots.

The player’s Ranged Slots are represented by the bar below their stamina. The number of available slots that will be used up by the player’s next attempt is displayed in yellow segments. When no more Ranged Slots may be used, ranged weapons cannot be employed.

When players run out of Ranged Slots, they don’t have to go scavenging or world-hopping to find more arrows and explosives; instead, they can simply rest at a Vestige to replenish their supplies. You can reload your weapons without stopping to rest if you have an ammo pouch or satchel with you.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Use Ranged Weapons

All starting class Ranged Weapons and Throwable Items 

Ranged weapons for the initial classes are all themed differently. Namely, these arms are:

  • Hallowed Knight — Grenades
  • Udirangr Warwolf — Bloody Hatchets
  • Partisan — Crossbow
  • Mournstead Infantry — Short Javelins
  • Blackfeather Ranger — Bow
  • Exiled Stalker — Lacerating Knife
  • Orian Preacher — Orian Preacher Catalyst/Radiant Flare
  • Pyric Cultist — Pyric Cultist Catalyst/Infernal Orb
  • Condemned — Throwing Rocks

Catalysts are required to cast spells, and players must choose between three types (Umbral, Radiance, and Inferno) depending on the spell they wish to cast. Spells function similarly to ammunition in that they can be loaded onto the fast action bar and fired when the player is in a ranged stance.


How do you get boss weapons in Lords of the Fallen?

Enter the afterlife and head up the stairs next to Pieta to discover him. You can access the Offer Remembrance options (the boss weapon vendor) by giving Molhu the Bowl of Revelations. The legendary items and powerful spells of the game’s ultimate foes can be found here.

Can you upgrade weapons in Lords of the Fallen?

Players will need to spend Vigor and Deralium on weapon upgrades, with the size of the upgrade dictating how far the weapon may be improved: Pieces of Deralium, Positive up to +3.

What is the hardest boss in Lords of the Fallen?

Players must overcome both Judge Cleric’s bright and shadowy sides in order to win the boss fight. The completion of this battle is required for the plot to continue. The Judge Cleric is armed with a spear and a longsword.

What is the max level in Lords of the Fallen?

Statistics can exceed 100, but there’s usually no need to. There is no point in continuing to improve your attack stats past level 75, as they will no longer increase. Therefore, 75 is the de facto upper limit for those. It is possible to keep getting stronger and healthier well after you become 100.