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How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Desktop


It is simple to hyperlink text in a Gmail draught on a Mac or a PC, and this can be done for a variety of purposes, including adding a link to a restaurant recommendation, a photo album, or an article. Even though the mobile app does not include a straightforward quick cut, it is still possible to do the task; nevertheless, a workaround will be required. Text that contains hyperlinks is beneficial for both the sender and the recipient, and it also contributes to the appearance of more orderly emails. On your desktop, where you can either click the hyperlink icon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + K (on a PC) or COMMAND + K (on a Mac), the operation is unquestionably simpler and more convenient.

When using the mobile app, you will first need to copy and paste the whole URL, and then you will need to write in the text that you would like to have become a hyperlink. When you have finished typing this into the link, erase the remaining text around it until this is the only thing that is left. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Desktop

1. Launch your preferred web browser and open Gmail there.

2. Start a new message by clicking the “Compose” button to get started creating it. After typing out your message, highlight the word or words that you want to turn into a hyperlink.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Desktop

3. To launch a pop-up, you must first click the symbol that looks like a chain and is located to the left of the icon that represents an attachment in the tool bar at the bottom of the window.

On a PC, you can also use the shortcut keyboard combination CTRL + K, and on a Mac, you can use the combination COMMAND + K.

4. If necessary, modify the text that will be shown, and then copy and paste a site URL into the field that is now empty. After you have pasted it, you may validate the link by selecting the relevant option in the drop-down menu.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Desktop

5. Click “OK” once you’re done.

The text that you have selected will be converted into a hyperlink as a result of this action. You are free to use this method to any number of different words or phrases.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Desktop


What are 3 types of hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks in text are words or phrases that, when clicked, send the reader to a different page, file, or document. An image hyperlink occurs when a visitor clicks on an image to be taken to a different website, file, or document. A bookmark hyperlink is a hyperlink that can be either text or an image and directs users to a different section of a web page.

Once you have highlighted the location, you can copy it by pressing the Ctrl + C or Command + C keys on your computer. You can also right-click any area that is highlighted and select Copy from the context-sensitive menu that appears. After the address has been copied, you can paste it into another programme by selecting a field that is blank and then pressing the Ctrl or Command key along with the V key.

Can you send HTML email in Gmail?

Gmail now supports the sending of emails in HTML format. In the past, however, you were required to design the email, find someone to construct it for you, and then change the code for Gmail in order to add the feature. Gmail has just added support for the creation and sending of HTML emails, which can be done by dragging, dropping, and clicking.

Are text links clickable?

Words or images that can be clicked on to navigate to other content on the web are called hyperlinks. They are able to link with virtually every resource that is available on the web.

What is clickable text?

Text that can be clicked to create a certain outcome can be referred to as “clickable text,” and it can be done so using either the mouse or the keyboard. Clickable text is used to implement textual hyper-links, sometimes known as links for short, in several of the most used modes. Utilizing the button package is going to be the least difficult method for inserting and manipulating links.