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How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Mobile


Text that contains hyperlinks is beneficial for both the sender and the recipient, and it also contributes to the appearance of more orderly emails. When using the mobile app, you will first need to copy and paste the whole link before you can write in the portion of text that you would want to have become a hyperlink. When you have finished typing this into the link, erase the remaining text around it until this is the only thing that is left. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Mobile

1. On your mobile device, launch the Gmail app, and start a brand new email message draught.

2. Make a copy of the link you want to use as a hyperlink, and then paste it into the manuscript in the appropriate location. Because it won’t be blue when you first look at it, you’ll need to press the “X” to shut it and save it as a draught before continuing. If you reopen the draught, you will see that it is now blue.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Mobile

3. Start typing the text that you want to show somewhere inside the active link, and then go to the next step. It does not matter where it is located as long as it is blue.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Mobile

4. When you are through typing the word or phrase, erase all of the surrounding text until the word or phrase is the only thing that is left.

How to Add Hyperlink Text in Gmail on Mobile

5. If it is not already in the proper paragraph, copy and paste this sentence into the appropriate spot.


Can I hyperlink text in Gmail app?

To add insult to injury, despite all of the improvements that have been made to the Gmail programme, Google still does not let users to include hyperlinks in their email messages. Therefore, in order to complete the operation, we are need to use this method until the Mountain View-based technology giant officially adds support for hyperlinks to the Gmail programme available for both Android and iOS.

How do I create a hyperlink in an email?

Make a link that leads to a brand new email message.

Choose the piece of text or image that you’d like to turn into a link and choose it. Make sure you press Ctrl and K. You can also right-click the text or picture, then go to the shortcut menu and select Link from there. Click the E-mail Address link located under the Link to section.

How do I add a hyperlink in email on Iphone app?

Launch the Mail app on your device, create a new email, and then copy the URL that you want to hyperlink by going to the URL in Safari, holding down the long press button on the URL, and waiting for the copy option to appear. Tap on it. Now copy what you’ve written down and paste it into your email by tapping in the blank space and selecting “paste” from your keyboard. Move the cursor to any location within the text of the URL.

How can I put a HTML link inside an email body?

Navigate to the Manager Tools menu under the Home tab, and then click Auto Emails. Choose the auto-responder email to which you would want to add a link by using the menu that drops down. Type the text that you wish to turn into a link in the box labelled “Body text.” For example, you may write “click here.” To access the HTML editor, visit the Body text section and look for the icon labelled HTML. Click on it.

Why are links not working on iPhone?

If you are still having problems with the links, cleaning the data from websites will enhance the performance of Safari, and it is possible that this may also fix the problem. Navigate to the Settings menu on your device, then select Safari, and then select the option to Clear History and Website. You will be prompted to confirm once again by selecting Clear History and Data from the menu.