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How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone


The use of iMessage as a platform from which to engage in friendly competition with one’s circle of friends in a variety of different games is the latest trend to sweep the internet. One of the most well-known and widely used gaming applications that can be used with iMessage is called GamePigeon. Utilizing GamePigeon will allow you to play a variety of games without leaving the confines of iMessage. Gomoku, 8-Ball, and Tanks are just a few examples of the games that fall into this category. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide that will show you how to add tanks in iMessage. So let’s get started:

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How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

1. First things first, check to see if your friend has an iPhone and that they have iMessage enabled on it (to do this, navigate to the Settings app, then tap on Messages, and then select Turn on iMessage).

2. To get started, launch the Messages app that’s located on your iPhone.

3. Initiate a new line of inquiry with your close friend you want to talk about.

How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

4. Simply tapping the icon that represents the App Drawer will bring up the App Store.

How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

5. To get started, navigate to the App Store’s homepage and click the Search icon there.

How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

6. Enter GamePigeon into the search bar to find the program.

How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone

7. Choose the Get icon from the menu to incorporate GamePigeon into your conversations in iMessage.

How to Add Tanks on iMessage on an iPhone


How do you play 8ball on iMessage?

Find the person you want to compete against and start a conversation with them in the lobby. You may access the game by looking at the very top of your keyboard. It’s possible that you’ll need to scroll through all of the icons to find it. Tap the GamePigeon icon once you’ve located it, and then choose the 8 Ball Pool game to send using iMessage.

How do you use iMessage games on iPhone?

Launch the iMessage conversation window to get started playing a game with a contact using iMessage. If you click on the Apps icon, you will be led to a section of the App Store that has games that are compatible with iMessage. Put one in place. After you have made your turn and selected it in the message window, the other person will be informed that it is now their turn.

Do all iphones have iMessage games?

You’ll be able to download a variety of iMessage games to use with your contacts so long as your iPhone is running iOS 11 or a later version (which it almost certainly is if you haven’t been putting off upgrades since 2017), and you’ll be able to play these games with your contacts. These are straightforward games that are intended to be played one player at a time.

Is GamePigeon only for Apple?

Since it was released alongside iOS 10 in September, the popular game app GamePigeon, which was developed just for Apple’s iMessage, has quickly become a fan favorite, at least among Apple users. Despite the fact that there have been calls for iMessage to be made available on Android, the service is still restricted to users of Mac, iOS, and iPadOS.

What’s the iMessage game app?

Game Pigeon is an application that can be added to your bar on iMessages (the bar that is located above your keyboard and contains photographs, Memojis, and other similar features) and it enables you to play brief games with the person you are now texting. Game Pigeon is a fun way to pass the time for people who enjoy playing video games while also allowing them to talk with their friends.