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How to Use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy


Casting the spell known as Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy allows you to make effective use of its utility in the game. It is an assault that will temporarily stun an opponent, providing you with an opening against them in the fight as well as the worthwhile opportunity to deliver additional damage against them. Unfortunately, you cannot cast the Stupefy spell with your wand in the same amount of time as you can cast a basic strike with it. By reading this guide, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to make effective use of the stupefy ability in Hogwarts Legacy. So let’s get started:

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How to Use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy

You cannot use the stun spell as easily as other spells, such as your standard strike spell. Instead, you can only cast it after you have previously used the Protego spell, which is your protection spell. By holding down the defense button and constructing a barrier around yourself, you can use the Protego ability to protect yourself from any damage that may come your way. If you timing the use of the shield correctly, before an attack from an opponent, it will prevent any damage from being dealt to your character.

How to Use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy

On the other hand, if you continue to hold down the Protego shield while counterattacking, your character will cast the Stupefy spell, which will stun the opponent. After you have successfully defended your character from an attack, the spell will be cast without further input from you. During the process of casting the spell, your character will aim for any target they are locked onto, which means it is possible for them to strike an adversary who was not the source of the attack. You are able to switch targets by using the left stick and changing the adversary you are targeting to either one that is actively attempting to harm your character or one that is nearby and getting ready to attack.

How to Use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy

It will no longer be possible to cast the Stupefy spell, but the opponent who is struck by it will remain stunned for a number of seconds. While they are stunned, enemies take additional damage from any spells that are cast against them by the player. You can have many targets stunned at the same time, but using Stupefy on more than one target will only have that one target stunned.


How does stupefy work in Harry Potter?

The spell known as Stunning is called Stupefy. The Stupefy jinx causes a burst of red light to emanate from the tip of the wand, and if it reaches its target, they will be rendered unconscious.

How do you learn stupefy Hogwarts?

The role of Stupefy in the Hogwarts Legacy series

You have to be holding the button for Protego in order to utilize the Stupefy ability. “Q” is the default keybind that we use for Protego on the PC, while either Triangle or Y is used on the gamepad.

Who uses stupefy spell?

“Stupefy!” In “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” Hermione Performs a Spell on Ron, Who is Completely Unaware of What Is Going On.

What button is Stupefy?

It is possible to employ the Stupefy spell in conjunction with the Defense spell known as Protego. If you continue to hold down the button after using Protego to defend yourself, you will be able to perform a counterattack against the foe and activate Stupefy.

Can you use Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedavra is one of these unforgivable curses; and yes, the killing spell is included in Hogwarts Legacy, and you have the ability to cast it. Although we do not recommend making use of the horrible spell, it is extremely effective in the game and will come in handy when going up against difficult foes because it is a one-hit kill curse.