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How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel


The Developer tab of Microsoft Excel, which is offered for both Windows and Mac operating systems, conceals a large number of the program’s features and capabilities. This tab does not appear visible by default; however, there is a switch that you may use to bring it into view. This tab does not appear visible by default. We’ll show you how to do it with a demonstration.

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How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel

To get started, open up Microsoft Excel on your computer, whether it’s a Windows or a Mac. Excel’s Developer tab will become visible to you once again when you do this.

Choose “Options” from the sidebar on the left of the Excel window if you are currently on the screen in Excel where it displays your templates. Instead of selecting File > More > Options, you should go to the Excel Options screen if you are currently on the editing screen for Excel.

How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel

You will see a window that is labelled “Excel Options” when you open Excel. Simply select the “Customize Ribbon” button located in the sidebar to the left of this window in order to personalize the ribbon.

How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel

The “Main Tabs” option can be found in the “Customize the Ribbon” window, which is located on the right side of the screen. To access this option, click the drop-down option that is labelled “Customize the Ribbon.”

How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel

Make sure that the “Developer” option is turned on in the “Main Tabs” section of the “Customize the Ribbon” column. This choice can be found in the same column as the others. After that, choose “OK” from the option at the bottom of the screen.

How to Add the Developer Tab to Microsoft Excel

When you go back to the Excel window, you will see that there is a new tab at the top of the window titled “Developer.” You may access this tab by clicking on the word “Developer.” To see all of the options that are available, you need only click on the tab.



What is the use of Developer tab in Excel?

The Developer tab is a function that is featured in Microsoft Excel; however, it is typically buried because the default setting for Excel is to hide it. Users are granted the ability to construct VBA applications, design forms, generate macros, import and export XML data, and a variety of other tasks using the tab.

Who developed Excel?

Charles Simonyi, an early employee of Microsoft, is credited with creating some of the most popular products the business has ever produced, including Word and Excel. The developer holds a doctorate in computer science from Stanford University and previously worked at Xerox on one of the company’s early personal computers.

What is the Developer tab in Excel 2016?

The part of the toolbar at the top of the screen known as the Ribbon that contains the buttons to open the Visual Basic for Applications editor, write macros, and build Form/ActiveX Controls such as buttons, checkboxes, and other similar elements is called the Developer tab. When you first install Excel, the Developer tab will be unavailable to you because it is hidden by default.

You can execute the macro that you want to run by moving your cursor anywhere within the macro and pressing the F5 key, or by going to Run > Run Macro from the menu.