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How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family


On Nintendo Switch, a family group can support as many as eight separate users at the same time. Any member of a family group can access Nintendo Online functions, but only one person can serve in the administrator role for the group. The administrator is the sole person who has the ability to add new family members or remove existing ones from the group. In addition to this, it is their job to organize the family gatherings and get everyone together. This article will take you step-by-step through the process of adding members to an existing Nintendo Switch Online Family that you have set up. So let’s get started:

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How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family

In order to organize a family gathering and involve various family members in it:

1. Just logging in will grant you access to your Nintendo Account.

2. On your profile page, use the drop-down box to select the Family group as your primary affiliation.

How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family

3. Choose to include a new member in the group.

How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family

4. Select You should invite someone to spend time with the rest of your family.

How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family

5. Kindly supply the user’s Nintendo account email address, which may be found on their Nintendo profile page. They will be extended an invitation to join the group by email, along with a link to do so.

How to Add Users to a Nintendo Switch Online Family


Can multiple family members use Nintendo online?

When someone makes a purchase of either a Nintendo Switch Online Family or Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Family membership, the Nintendo Switch Online service is made available to all members of the family group associated with that person’s Nintendo Account (up to 8 Nintendo Account users). Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to acquire a family membership.

Do you need a separate Nintendo online account for each user?

Be sure that each person who intends to use a Nintendo Switch has their own user account. Choose an image to represent each user and give them a moniker. The majority of the time, games will save data specific to the user account. If you and your family utilise the same console, you should give each member of the family their own user account.

Do Nintendo family members share games?

The Nintendo Account used to purchase digital games is permanently associated with those games. Any user on a system will have access to all of the games that have been purchased by any Nintendo Account, provided that the system has been registered as the primary console for that Nintendo Account.

How much is Nintendo Online family Plan?

The Family Plan gives every member of the household access to Nintendo Switch Online for a one-year fee of $34.99 (USD). If you want to purchase the expansion pack in addition to this subscription, the combined cost will be $79.99 per year.

Is a Nintendo family account worth it?

A membership for a person costs $20 for the entire year, but a membership for an entire family costs merely $35 for the same length. This indicates that the family plan is worthwhile to invest in if you have more than one person using it, and it becomes an even better deal with each additional user that is added.

Why won’t Nintendo let me leave family group?

It is not possible to log out of the family group using an Admin Nintendo Account. To begin, you will have to delegate another member of the family group to take on the administrator responsibilities. It is not possible to move Supervised Nintendo Accounts outside of the family group. Before you can remove the Supervised status from your account, a parent or guardian who is part of your family group will need to do so.