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How to Delete a Message on Twitch


If you are a moderator in a channel or a streamer, there may be instances when a user will say something in the channel’s chat that you will not tolerate. It’s possible that you don’t want to block them or give them a timeout, but you should definitely delete that message. What exactly do you mean by that?

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How to Delete a Message on Twitch

In order to remove a message from your Twitch channel, you will need to do the following steps:

Simply click the icon that corresponds to your profile in order to access to the creator dashboard for your account.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch

Now, open the chat settings for your account by clicking on the gear icon that is situated next to the chat button at the very bottom of the chat window. Following this link will take you to the settings for your conversation.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch

Make sure the option to “Show Mod Icons” is turned on.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch

Now, navigate to the discussion where you want to delete the message from, and click on the trashcan icon that is situated next to the name of the person whose message you want to delete. This will delete the message.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch

Immediately following the completion of the reading of the message, it will be deleted from the conversation.

If the streamer or the moderators click the button that reads “click to display,” then the message will not be visible to everyone in the conversation; but, the streamer and the moderators will be able to view it regardless of whether or not anyone else in the chat does. If you intend to submit a report against the user, or if you are a moderator and want to explain to the streamer why you opted to delete a particular remark, this can be beneficial.

How to Delete a Message on Twitch

It is also essential to take note of the fact that the sole location on the Twitch platform where it is possible to delete a single message from the chat section is on the Twitch platform itself.


Can Other Users See Deleted Comments in VODs?

When other people watch videos on demand on Twitch, they won’t be able to see comments that have been deleted, that’s not how it works (VODs). When you watch a video that is available via video on demand (VOD), the comments that would ordinarily display during the live broadcast will appear at the same time that you are watching them.

Can I Remove a Message Before Anyone Sees It?

The new Discussion Delay tool recently added to Twitch gives moderators the ability to temporarily pause the chat for other users for a set period of time. This provides moderators with the ability to remove harassing or otherwise improper communications before they are seen by other users. This function also gets rid of the notification that says “message removed,” so that it won’t show up in the chat box.

Can Whisper communications be deleted?

To delete a whisper, you just only touch the one you want to delete. Below the whisper, a few other options will be displayed for the reader to choose from. On the far right is where you’ll find a garbage can. Touch the icon that looks like a garbage can, then tap OK to confirm.