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How to Add Your Own Sound to TikTok Videos – Complete Guide


TikTok is built on the use of sound. A video combined with the proper sound may improve the shareability of your post, and viral sounds can drive producers from all across the TikTok community to utilise your sound in their own films, increasing the reach of your post even more.When creating videos on TikTok, you have the option of using your own sounds, sounds from other videos, or sounds from TikTok’s catalogue of music. You may even record a voiceover for your video. We’ll guide you through each of the available choices in the section below.

If you wish to make your own sounds to utilise in future TikTok films, you may do so by using this workaround in the app, which is available on the Play Store. Custom sounds might be anything from a hilarious voice to a sound effect to a version of a famous song, or they can be anything you can think of.

How to make your own sound on TikTok, or add music and voiceover to your videos

  •  Launch the TikTok application. To make a new video, choose the addition (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen and start recording.