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How to Get Into Gerudo Town


To safeguard their way of life, the Gerudo will not allow a man (voe) into their city. Entering is restricted to females (vai). It’ll be more difficult because we’ll be taking on the role of the game’s hero, Link, who is a man. In this post, we’ll go through how to get into Gerudo Town in greater detail.

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How to Get Into Gerudo Town

It’s time to get down to business and figure out how to sneak inside Gerudo Town. Link will need to finish the Forbidden City Admission quest and disguise himself as a Hylian vai using the Gerudo Set in order to gain entry to the city. To find out how, follow these steps:

Speak with the guy outside the city gates, at the shrine entrance, about your concerns. He’ll tell you that he’s heard of someone who was able to trick the guards and get entry into the city on the sly. After that, he’ll advise you to go to Kara Kara Bazaar and look for the man. Follow the route northeast from Gerudo Town for a short distance and you’ll arrive in no time.

When you arrive at the spot, make your way to the top of the spire. If you find a woman dressed in a traditional Gerudo garb, strike up a conversation with her. During the brief dialogue, choose between the phrases “examine her face” and “you’re really attractive.” She will then offer you 600 rupees in exchange for an exact reproduction of her clothing.

You may visit Gerudo Town without any problems because the armour makes Link appear to be a young lady. Additionally, the set provides heat resistance, making it helpful in a variety of situations.

How to Get Gerudo Town Password

Following your successful completion of the Gerudo Town entrance quest and subsequent entry into the town, you’ll want to acquire the Gerudo secret password as well. Here’s how you go about it:


Wait until nightfall, then search for a young girl who appears to be returning home to the house adjacent to the cantina.


Make your way up to the window and listen in on the discussion.


It will give the passcode to the town.

Quests in Gerudo Town

Following your successful completion of the tutorial on how to enter Gerudo Town, you may choose to learn more about unlocked Memory 6 – Urbosa’s Hand, which is one of the Memories that can be found in the town.

When you complete the main quest—Divine Beast Vah Naboris—you will be able to retrieve this memories. In order to unlock the Memory, you must first speak with the chief, Riju, and then return the Thunder Helm to the Yiga Clan, as instructed. It is possible that returning the helm to Riju may bring back memories of Link’s time with the Gerudo Champion, Urbosa, which will be beneficial.

You can also perform a variety of side tasks in addition to the main quest, including the following:

• The Thunder Helm (Speak to Isha)

• The Search for Barta (Speak to Liana)

• Medicinal Molduga (Speak to Malena)

• The Eighth Heroine (Speak to Bozai)

• The Mystery Polluter (Speak to Dalia)

• The Secret Club’s Secret (Speak to Greta)

• Tools of the Trade (Speak to Isha)

• The Forgotten Sword (Speak to Bozai)



How do you get to Gerudo Town without paying?

1.Inquire with the man who is standing outside the city gates, near the shrine entrance.
2.When you get at the spot, ascend to the summit of the spire.
3.You may visit Gerudo Town without any problems because the armour makes Link appear to be a young lady.