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How To Avoid Plagiarism in Your Essays?


Getting an education has become even more challenging than before. Now that the global pandemic is only rising in size, it is likely that online education will be the new normal. Because professors can no longer meet with large classes of students face to face, they build and create all kinds of assignments. All the tasks you get while studying in college aim to help you improve some of your skills and also allow the university professors to assess your knowledge.

Essay writing is one of the most common tasks students get, but that also comes with many challenges. You can inform and gather knowledge to present in your essay, but you are not allowed to plagiarize. How to avoid plagiarism in your essay might be an obsessing thought but thankfully, we have come to your help. Here are a few tips that will help you do this and have a score of 100% uniqueness when checked with a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism Free Essay By Using a Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism means that you take some ideas, sentences, results, statistics, and any other type of content and you choose to present them as they are your own. This is not ethical and professors have a trained eye for this. One way students end up plagiarizing is because they read so many articles and studies that they lose track of the sources. Many students end up presenting some information as it is their own because they get lost among studies, articles, and research. You can get the help of an essay plagiarism fixer to check your essay before you submit it. A plagiarism checker has access to all the information on the internet and it compares your essay with every piece of text. This is done in a matter of minutes, but it depends on the length of your essay. Software is evolving and you can find online some plagiarism checkers for free that work in a matter of seconds.

Tracking the Sources

To avoid plagiarism, a first step would be to keep track of all the studies, articles, and websites you read and go through while you research. This will be of huge help when you will want to support your opinion with information that comes from other sources. Knowing everything you have read will allow you to re-check the information and maybe find or pinpoint new ideas.


How to Present Information that Comes from Other Sources?

Indeed, keeping track of the sources you read is the preliminary step that will lead you to the next one: citing the sources.


You can read and, more than this, you are encouraged to consult other sources so that you form a validated and well-researched point of view on a subject. But whenever you choose to support your arguments and opinions with facts from other sources, always present the source of the information.

But the next question might have already popped up in your head: how exactly can you present information from other sources without plagiarizing? By quoting or paraphrasing it.



Quoting information means that you choose to introduce it in your own words, but you copy-paste the information. To avoid plagiarizing, the information must be introduced between quotation marks and the source cited at the end.



Paraphrasing works the other way round. You do not copy the information, but you choose to express the main idea in your own words. This allows students to highlight only the most important parts, results, or statistics from a source, helping them make good use of the essay word limit. Paraphrasing must end, as quoting, with citing the source of information. To avoid plagiarism, you need to make sure you choose to express the author’s main point in your own words, without creating a similar piece of text to the original one.

Final Words

Avoiding plagiarism in your essays is important and it should be in the back of your mind whenever you write a paper. Professors have a trained eye for this and they also use software to detect plagiarism. Choosing to present ideas as your own is not ethical and something to be avoided at all costs. To do this, you need to keep track of all the sources you consult while you research. Next, it is important to know how to present the information you find. You can do this either by quoting, either by paraphrasing. But by always citing the source. In the end, you can use a plagiarism checker you can find online for free and check our essay before submitting it.


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