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Writing tips that Makes your Content Writing Easier


If you are a writer, whether a content writer, a blogger, or writing research, then you must be aware of the hassle and efforts you have to put into your writing.

To conceive a piece of writing a lot of hard work needs to be put in to come up with something that attracts the readers and is informative too.

So, what a writer can do to make his writing engaging and enticing for the readers.

Here few writing tips are mentioned to make your writing easier.

  • Write an easy-to-read content

Write in a language that is readable and understandable, and must be informative to capture the reader’s attention and engage them for a longer period. In order to make your writing captivating, avoid writing confusing and complicated words.

  • Titles must be eye-catching

Titles of an article are a key element to grasps readers’ attention, hence you need to come up with an eye-catching title. If it is a web article, then keywords of the title should be carefully selected in order to rank high on the search engines.

  • Content must be original

Cheating or plagiarism is a forbidden act when it comes to writing your content.

Search engines will detect plagiarism and would simply remove it from the site.

There are various tools available to check the content before publishing.

  • Use images to break up the text walls

If it is web content, try to make your content attractive to the readers’ eyes by simply inserting images, photos, etc. People get bored or intimidated if they get to read just the text on the web page.

You can use different image creation tools such as Canva, to select an image according to your need.

There are hundreds of free templates, images and so much more to play with and to come up with and create your own desired images.

  • Determine how many pages you have to write

    When you are writing content, it is better to know beforehand how many pages you are supposed to be writing. This will not only help you with planning but will also give you a good idea about how much material you will be needing to incorporate into the content.

    You can use words to pages converter out there that will give you the exact number of pages according to the words you are supposed to write.

    Such tools will assist you in drafting a good quality essay and also help you with time management, which is also essential when you have to write papers and assignments frequently.

  • Selective keywords

Keywords are imperative in content writing. If the keywords are not relevant and appropriate, your web content would not be ranked or categorized for SEO by search engines among millions of sites and contents and would not be found easily.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right and proper keywords for your topic.

Google has its own keyword research tool, the Keyword Planner Tool. This tool comes in handy when choosing the perfect keywords for your article.

  • Write for your target audience

When you are writing content especially if it is web content, then you must be extra thoughtful of who your target audience is. You should provide answers to the needs of your target audience or the target market.

How can your content be useful for your reader? Are you providing the information your readers are looking for? So, you must as a content writer keep a check to see that you are meeting the needs of your readers.

  • Avoid using images that are not yours

Be careful when you are randomly selecting images from the internet and pasting it on your website or your article.

  • Be creative with your anchor text

Your anchor text for your web content must be descriptive and intriguing, instead of using a tag like “Click here”. This really catches the readers’ attention and makes them stay for a longer period of time on your website.

  • Write content that is reader-friendly

Your content should not sound like a narrative or robotic. It must sound friendly, unassertive, and respectful if you want your readers to immediately connect to you.

  • Write content with headers and bullets and visuals

If you write your article by inserting bullets or headers, it will make it intelligible and much more interesting to read rather if it is written on long walls of text.

Keep the paragraph length minimum to 2-3 lines, and use bullet lists and headers to make it more reader-friendly.

Always search on google for websites that gives you inspiration, and to keep yourself motivated with the passion to be creative and unique in exploring your own ideas and thoughts. 


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