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How to Beat the Minotaur in Hades


The third fight against a boss in Hades is actually against two bosses working together: King Theseus and the Minotaur Asterius, popularly known as the bull of Minos. In contrast to the Fury sisters and the Hydra, the Champions of Elysium have the potential to be a significant barrier in the path of ascending to the fourth and final level of Hades. This level is the apex of the underworld. By reading this post, you will get the knowledge necessary to vanquish the minotaur that resides in hades. So let’s get started:

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How to Beat the Minotaur in Hades


  • One or two-swing: Asterius brings his ax around in front of him in a wide arc, and he adjusts his swing to account for your position if there is a second swing. If you can’t get away from the attack, you should try to hide behind him because there is a very little region just behind him that it doesn’t reach.
  • Two-swing into slam: Asterius attacks you by jumping towards you while swinging his ax in a wide arc in front of him. This attack deals damage both on the way to and upon collision with the target. In the event that you mistime your dodge behind him, the ax swing will follow you. After landing from a leap, Asterius fires four projectiles in front of him and to the side of him. Extreme Measures 3’s slam attack is capable of producing a huge shockwave upon impact, and Asterius can use it as much as three times in the game.
  • Charge: Asterius comes charging towards you while keeping a close eye on your position. If he runs into a wall or a structure, he will immediately stop and be dazed for a few moments. Keep your distance from the bull by keeping your back to the arena’s pillars and by dodging at an angle away from the arena’s edge.
  • Spin-to-win (Extreme Measures 3 only):  After a lengthy windup, the Minotaur will begin to chase you around the arena while spinning his ax in extremely broad arcs. Without any defenses, each hit from them deals approximately 30 damage. When the minotaur unleashes this attack, you should quickly get out of the way because the hitbox has a tendency to linger, and you will incur damage if you are located within the attack smear.

To avoid his wide swings and his jumping assault, you should go underneath them. Always keep an eye on the targeting reticle; when it begins to glow bright pink, Theseus will launch his spear, which will do 20 damage to the target.

How to Beat the Minotaur in Hades

Theseus should continue to circle the minotaur for as long as it takes to defeat him, keeping an eye out for any strikes with a wide area of impact that may also be weakening him. Although both of the bosses have sufficient health to withstand a few off-target hits without taking too much damage, you shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where both the minotaur and the Olympians are hitting you at the same time. This would be a bad idea.


Should I take out Theseus and the Minotaur first?

While Theseus normally stands behind his shield doing damage from time to time, he isn’t particularly active if you and the other person aren’t close enough together for him to be effective. He is fairly powerful, and he will constantly be on your back. In this aspect, the Minotaur is rather different, and his leap can be lethal, thus it is unquestionably best to take care of him first.

How do you damage Theseus?

While Theseus is pleading for assistance, he is defenseless even when attacked from the front, thus this is your greatest chance to deliver damage. It is in your best interest to attempt to take him down quickly while avoiding the god’s abilities as much as you possibly can. When used in this context, a fully charged call has the potential to put an immediate end to the conflict.

What level is best to fight the Minotaur?

In order to participate in the battle, you should be at least level 38, and in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with some helpful hints: During the initial part of the battle, the Minotaur will focus on making a single assault on you.

What is the hardest boss in Hades?

Alecto is without a doubt the most challenging and combative of the three Furies. This is due to the fact that she has her very own rage meter built into her character. This meter will go up each time you successfully land a hit on her. Not only that, but Alecto also possesses a move that allows her to manually increase her Rage meter just by firing bullets at her opponents.