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How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4


In The Sims 4, turning into a vampire has a number of desirable side effects. You don’t age, you have less needs, and you develop supernatural skills such as changing into other forms and manipulating the thoughts of other people. However, being a vampire is not all thrills and excitement all the time. You will no longer be able to go outside during the daytime without being harmed, and you will be required to hunt regular people instead. It is common knowledge that one needs receive a bite from a vampire in order to turn into one. The designers of Sims 4 are of the opinion that they do not have the authority to rewrite regulations that have been in existence for generations. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to transform your Sims 4 character into a vampire. So let’s get started:

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How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

The only way to turn into a vampire through the normal gameplay is to find a vampire and get it to bite you. Once it does, you will be a vampire. Becoming their target for feeding will not, however, solve the problem on its own. Instead, you should try to familiarize yourself with others and maybe even establish some friends. This is the procedure for doing that:

1. Find a vampire and make your acquaintance with them. You may pay a visit to the family who lives in one of the homes in Forgotten Hollow.

How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

2. Make sure the vampire you choose has the talent “Vampire Creation” before you choose them.

How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

3. Have a conversation with the vampire until the level of your friendship with it changes to either “acquaintances” or “friends.” This will enable the required interaction to take place.

How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

4. Choose the interaction labeled “Ask to Turn” while you are conversing with the vampire.

How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

5. Patiently wait for the vampire to bite the neck of your Sim.

How to Become a Vampire in the Sims 4

The change will not take place straight away. You will initially have the “Strangely Hungry” moodlet, which will eventually transition into the “Disgusted by Food” moodlet after around 12 hours spent playing the game. When “Disgusted by Food” progresses to “Appetite Lost” after another 12 in-game hours, your Sim will have queasy feelings whenever they eat. During the process of transformation, your Sim will be surrounded by a cloud of purple smoke.

At the point where the metamorphosis is almost finished, the purple smoke will start to turn into black smoke and will start to lift your Sim into the air. Following the passage of a further 12 hours in-game, you will receive a notification indicating that your Sim is in the process of transforming into a vampire. Your Sim will be given a moodlet titled “Strange Thirst” if the transition has been successfully completed. You presumably already understand what I mean by this.


How do you turn your Sim into a vampire Sims 4?

To accomplish this, simply click the “Add a New Sim” option located at the bottom of the screen, then select “Add Occult Sim,” and then select “Add Vampire.” When making a vampire using this method, you have the option of choosing the Sim’s age at the time of creation.

How long does it take to become a vampire in Sims 4?

There are additional routes to take to obtain Vampires in The Sims 4. There are a couple of ways to jump-start your game with a vampire Sim that is already playable if you do not want to spend time introducing yourself around Forgotten Hollow and then having to wait another 36 in-game hours for your Sim to convert into a vampire. This is an alternative for those who do not want to spend time doing so.

Can vampires have jobs Sims 4?

They have the ability to put money into a retail enterprise if they own the Get to Work expansion. This required more time, work, and money, but it was a good way to keep your vampire busy and can be recommended for that purpose.

Can vampires come into your house Sims 4?

In addition, despite the fact that thieves no longer exist in the Sims franchise, vampires are still capable of and will attempt to break into your home while you are asleep in order to take your blood. Researching vampires need to be your first move because, as the saying goes, information is power.

Where can I find plasma fruit in Sims 4?

The Sims 4: Vampires (Video Game).

When a Sim has reached level 8 in Vampire Lore, they will be able to buy Plasma Fruit for the price of 300 simoleons from any computer in the Vampire Secrets portion of the game. Until then, it is not available for purchase. In addition, the fruit can be discovered naturally growing in the wild in Forgotten Hollow. The gardening talent allows Sims to cultivate their own versions of this fruit.

How do you get powers on Sims 4?

You can start studying spells and potions by seeking the assistance of the Sages or by reading the books that have been freely supplied throughout Magic HQ; alternatively, you can go to Casters Alley to purchase components as well as a magic wand, a broomstick for simpler travel, or even an adorable magical familiar!